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February 15, 2017

Mary Carey and Gina Grad get some connections with superb clairvoyant  du jour Calise Simone as she flies solo and soars into another dimension to contact the loved ones they miss so much. Then the super talented hip hop artist ThIrt3en calls in for some psychic advice. Please understand lyrics are explicit.

Outro Music “I Cry” courtesy of Th1rt3en 

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Happy New Year! Calling Out: Predictions Taped December 15, 2014

December 31, 2014

Co-hosted by Angry Hero Shawn

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What a great 2014! Thanks go out to Podcast One and Producer Rich, who took me in after a jumpstart by Carolla Digital in 2013.  But bigger thanks go to for making this a super positive experience in the second half of the year. Third’s a charm!

We are all connected now on a super high level. Special thanks go out to all the fans and Facebook callers who opened up their lives to this discipline of psychic mediumship. We adore you and hope it helps you in your life experiences. My heart also goes out to Barbara from Psychic vs Psychiatric (ITUNES), whom is doing well after her month stay in the hospital. Keep up the great work!

Please be sure listen to extro Music, “Take Me to Church” (Hosier) sung by The Vanderbilt Melodores, who are the current champions of the SING OFF on NBC this December 2014. The live song may be found on ITUNES!  Download! They are close friends of ours, and the first college level a cappella group to win this contest, and the are an amazingly talented group of singers.

Also, my love goes out to all the psychics, astrologers, mediums, clairvoyants, and co-hosts who joined us this year. More to come in 2015. Loved meeting new personalities, and have made some true friends in the process.

This week’s show was co-hosted by Producer Shawn Marek, AKA @AngryHeroShawn, and Maria Springdigliozzi who makes the shit work as she sits quietly in the background. Intro music produced and sung by Rayvon Owen. And thanks to my husband who makes this all possible by paying the bills. Donate today if you want to keep it going for another year.

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Colby and Jerry- Predictions on Itunes


Barbara Mackey Predicts 2015 about Obama, Cosby, and More!




Here’s a glimpse at the Calling Out year of 2014!


Calise, Sam Shaucher,  Colby

Featured Image -- 1675

Rebecca and Chong

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Craig Shoemaker, Mayte


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Jennifer, Jena, Rebecca, and Caleb


Breaking Mike

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Queen Shanna- Miss Nevada after Party

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Gina, Jennifer, Janice, Lisa, Susan


Theo Von

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Hoyt Richards: Aliens and Cults


Bianca and Mike


AJ Barrera and da girls

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I see dead people

photo 3

Colby scores!

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Jack, Colby and Emily Morse

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Mike Carano



Caleb and Drew


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Man School

Paul Mecurio Headshot #1 Main

Paul Mecurio



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Heather McDonald



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Sista wives

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Psychic Rebel

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Religion vs Spiritualim w/ Karamo Brown, Jack, Jen and Lisa


Dax Holt

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Phil Hendrie, Dr. Drew


Improv Brea

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Brad Williams/ Gilbert Gottfried, w Rebecca and AJ

ginger 2



Eliza Coupe


Co-host Shanna


Bianca and Mike with Cindy Kaza


Dr. Denise McDermott, Jen, and Hoyt




Thomas John and Taylor Williamson w/ Cindy


Regine and Lisa


MH370 visions with Shanna and Dr. Wendy

photo 2

Segun and Jill Howerton

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Baby Rayvon and MH370 with Lisa and Cindy


Rene Graciano, Kevin and Roxy


Rayvon Owen


Sex, Drugs… Mackezie Phillips


Kim Allen


Lynette Carolla: Crimes




Lisa, Colby, Cindy


Caleb and Taylor

photo 3-5

Calise Simone




Simone Bienne and Phil


Noelle Skaggs



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Calling out Rayvon! Tupac?



Gilbert book-2   photo 2

Mariel Hemingway and Booby Williams join Rebecca Fearing at Podcast One

Mariel Hemmingway and Bobby


Actress Eliza Coupe and Co-host Segun Oduolowu on Calling Out

July 22, 2014
 Click on photo to listen to the new Calling Out!


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Proud to have talented powerhouse Eliza Coupe on CALLING OUT.  Eliza will star in a NEW comedy called “BENCHED” coming out this January on the USA Network. Also known as the hot Dr. Denise Mahoney of SCRUBS, and as Jane Kerkovich-Williams on HAPPY ENDINGS. She recently played talented Marissa McClintock on HOUSE OF LIES.   Psychics Rebecca Fearing and Jennifer Shaffer tell her what else is coming in her life! She is a frequent flyer! Not at all skeptical. RainCatcher is the charity she is very involved with that brings clean water to children and communities in Africa by catching rain water and filtering it with scientifically engineered, high powered/high-tech filters.

Calling out is available by going to www.Soundcloud/SusanPinsky and also on the new and exciting Sideshow Network website. Subscribe on iTunes and listen to all the past, present and future podcasts!

Special call in psychic astrologer, Kim Allen reads Segun Oduolowu and our SideShowNetwork genius producer Shawn! 


From “Wired In with Segun” on iTunes. A new new and noteworthy show on Podcast One. Segun shares his personal reaction on the Elliot Roger case that was recently a topic he addressed on HLN’s “Dr. Drew on Call”.

“If you have not been following our ongoing discussion here at Dr. Drew on Call, allow me to get you up to speed.  Elliot Roger, a 22 year old college student, fatally stabbed 3 men in his home, proceeded to shoot two women outside of a sorority house, and then shot a man at a deli in Isla Vista California, before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.  By the end of his rampage, 6 innocent people were dead, and a community was left searching for answers.” -Segun


Jennifer Shaffer was a forensic psychic investigator on the Eliott Roger case, and validates Segun’s thoughts about the issues of gun control and taking them out if the hands of psychiatrically deranged individuals. Coincidentally, Jennifer had a spooky realization after listening to the news just two days after our taping. She found out that a boy she grew up with, a Mr. Lee Haskell, was responsible for a brutal slaying in Texas. She was terrorized by the news, and was asked to join DR DREW ON CALL . The story is about a woman who leaves her abusive husband and goes into hiding. He proceeds to kill her sister’s family execution style and also tries to take her parents as well. It further proves guns are not safe in the wrong hands.

DR. DREW ON CALL Interview with Jennifer Shaffer


Our Clairvoyant du-jour: is the talented psychic medium Rebecca Fearing. She is found @thePurpleRose on twitter and host of “Dancing with Ghosts” on La Radio and iTunes.

Her website is here at 


kimcb22514-1   Medium Kim Allen is a new addition to the CALLING OUT Crew. A Manhattan based psychic medium with astrological expertise. Positive energy, knows her stuff. Kim delivers Segun and producer Shawn convincing information. Segun’s interests were peaked, even though he is a bit of a skeptic. Find her on twitter at @kimallenastro  or

As always, we enjoyed having Segun on the podcast again,  @Seguntheprogram on twitter, “Wired In with Segun” on Podcast One.  PLEASE check him out on iTunes and subscribe today!  He appears regularly on NBC’s Access Hollywood Live, and HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call.

Segun also wanted to share that he is in partnership with the Aim High Foundation of Southern California, and it’s creator NBA Champion Kenny Smith.  He has coached over a dozen “Young-Stars” to Division I basketball scholarships. He has a heart of gold for kids who need help.

MH370 777 Jetliner Mystery Disappearance

May 31, 2014

Well here it is, May 31, 2014, and still no clear evidence has been found regarding the lost 777-200 carrying 227 passengers, two infants, and 12 crew under Captain Zaharie Shah that vanished in March, 2014. When this first occurred, I believed I was done making a podcast. But after making some beautiful friendships over the last few months with probably the most talented psychic mediums in the world, I thought to myself, lets take a psychic sample. Many people don’t believe in this kind of thing, but I certainly do. I asked these questions the first week of the disappearance.

This is a short recap of what I wrote this on March 26, 2014. Also note that none of these people spoke to one another and it had really not been on the news very long. I am going to highlight the things that have come true. I will keep highlighting as we move into 2015 and gather more clues.

March 15, 2014: Psychic Rebel Colby

Plane was hijacked. Elaborate and very detailed plan.  One of the pilots could possibly be involved-it definitely feels like there is someone who was in the cabin area, meaning a passenger that is the main operator. I see him entering the cockpit. One of the pilots (the captain) isn’t involved at all. Plane was landed on an island or a remote area that is very underdeveloped. I keep getting Osama Bin Laden, so I feel like that’s a symbol for the hiding and how well the hiding has been carried on. The main intention was to show the absolute power of an extremist group that they could literally have this much control. Passengers originally survived the plane landing, hijacking, it feels to have been very traumatic, the people on the plane knew and there feels to be an immense amount of stress. Time is running out. Not all passengers are still surviving. Something about captivity. Foreign languages are being spoken. The plan is not yet complete. Passengers are in grave danger-second part of plan.

Then: Mar 15, 2014: Lisa Williams:  Plane and the passengers are still intact and alive but there is going to be a hostage situation, bigger than anyone has ever witnessed. The pilots were involved, I’m not sure to what extent but I believe one of them were at least. I also kept getting a hit with Russia for some reason. I’ve tried not to look at it but this is the first time I’m voicing it. There is government cover-up as they know more, but not releasing it. It’s going to be exposed soon. Very interesting. This is going to rock the world. And I see the media being a witness to something that has never been seen before. They will be pawns in the whole situation and it’s going to take over the TV and media.

March 15, 2014: Cindy Kaza:  Went down earlier than they thought and all of the passengers perished instantly. Didn’t pick up on the two stolen Iranian passport passengers mentioned in the news as hijackersDidn’t think Malaysian Airlines was telling the story correctly, and that they are searching too far West for the plane. Airline is not being truthful about what they know.  “it went down sooner than they were letting on.” Fire on the plane and that the engine fuel caused the plane to smoke. She said she know they were talking terrorism, but she didn’t see it as the cause. “I just don’t see that”  She thought the plane went down with air pressure change so quickly that the plane could not stay on course. But, that they are searching too far from land.

March 15, 2014: Jennifer Shaffer: Crashed on an Island, or close to it, and there were survivors. But that was at the beginning and now no more survivors.  A few days later I asked again. She thought it was being moved. And then she still saw it close to land. And now Bengal TIGERS! (On May 3: Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren said the USS Kidd guided missile destroyer and a P-8 Poseidon aircraft had been deployed to the “western search area” at the request of Malaysian authorities. While the Kidd would search the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, the P-8 would cover “a much larger search area… the southern portion of the Bay of Bengal and the northern portion of the Indian Ocean,” Warren said.) If it’s in the Sea of Bengal, perhaps we need to search the rain forest and find some answers. We can search the Sunderbans bordering the Bay of Bengal is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. Maybe we will see something hidden there. And she came up with Sumatra, or an S name. Saw no survivors a week later. She also said, persons whom may have been responsible did it to take out their own. Not to become heroes.

March 17, 2014: Lisa Williams:  Did the reading for a family member from the flight and I saw it all. He’s dead but others are alive. The government are involved and the US government know where it is but everything is being kept quiet. I kept seeing a tiny island with a rainforest near a place beginning with S something like Somalia.

March 17, 2014: Kellee White “ I have believed it was nefarious from the beginning, think it was a hijacking.”

March 24, 2014: Rebecca Fearing: There was something very unusual about the plane crash. Not a typical May Day signal. Captain making the sharp turn and getting up from his seat to go into a dark cabin. Not able to find flight attendants. He was the taller of the two. Something is unusual about this though. I don’t see people acting like the plane is going to crash or anything. Just a very confused captain.

March 25, 2014: Barbara Mackey: I woke up this morning and felt like the plane was shot down and exploded. I don’t know what to think other than something bigger might be going on.

Most Recently, Medium Lisa WIlliams was back on the CALLING OUT Jim Jeffries episode recently, and mentioned a hostage like situation, and a circle of blindfolded passengers in a circle together. Plus she mentions mud huts near by as she drew a picture on a piece of paper. We watched her draw, as the description flowed through her fingertips how it appeared to her through her spiritual guides. She drew mud huts for us.

According to an article written by,  In new information from Russian intelligence secret service sources regarding passengers on missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 are alive after the flight landed in Afghanistan, the source says 20 Asian specialists were smuggled into Pakistan, the passengers had been divided into seven groups and all are in serious condition.

Russian’s FSB secret service have said anonymously that the plane was hijacked and flown close to the Pakistan border. Adding to that, the Russian news source MKRU restates that all MH370 passengers were alive, had been divided into seven groups, and all but 20 are living in mud huts with almost no food.

Lisa also feels the scraping of brush against the plane. She said we need to know who was in seat 1F because this is the passenger who may have slipped into the cockpit. And also whomever was over the wing, which are the safest seats on the plane, masterminded the capture. She still feels very strongly about her premonitions.

Since the search team came up empty handed, we are now sure something bigger was behind this tragedy. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said the search in the vicinity of the signals “can now be considered complete” and said that, in its professional judgment, “the area can now be discounted as the final resting place of MH370”. The Malayian Airline manifold was released at the beginning of May with names of seats and passengers had only the name of one person in row 1C. The rest of the row was left empty. Or perhaps the names were left off the report for some reason? Also, apparently there is un undisclosed cargo left out of the Manifold, as well. This makes me wonder if the manifold was tampered with more than once.

Was the jet was actually taken somewhere and is not at the bottom of the sea? What if it was shot down because it had something on board that was a threat to the world? Or, was it an accident made by Thai Military? It would make more sense if it was shot down and then cleaned up during the media diversion away from the Bengal Sea to to Australia perhaps in an attempt to save face, or to keep some military secret. Obviously, Malaysian Airlines will suffer from this tragedy. All airlines would suffer if it was accidentally shot down, or hijacked successfully by people who cannot be screened as criminals at TSA. It is also tragic if there are those whom can transport contraband through a faltering airline on any given day. Passengers who pay to travel for business, or pleasure with their families in tow are not afraid to fly unless the reality possibly affects them.
Read more:  Article from “The Week with First Post”

Calling Out the MH370 Plane disappearance with a psychic investigation by Medium Lisa Williams.

April 16, 2014

Today we may have news about this missing Jetliner. Here is a recent newsflash from the New York Post.  A teen may have found the skeleton filled fuselage of MH370 in the Phillipines.

This was our show with predictions about this tragedy in 2014.

Psychic Investigative Detective Lisa Williams openly discusses her recent clairvoyant reading with a family member of a victim who passed on the Malaysian Airline flight number 370. We have many details you need not miss. The 777-200 disappeared several weeks ago in a nefarious manner. We are presently without real evidence of where the plane actually is. We have our doubts about the current media attention and want to know what really happened.


 photo 3

Jim Jefferies from LEGIT  makes a second appearance as promised. Jim brought his lovely mate Kate Luyben on the line to get a dual reading from our amazing Music City Medium, Cindy Kaza and Lisa Williams.  Jim and Kate may believe that we are Legit after this try! RAYVON OWENS who is out music director on Calling Out, get a visit form his grandmother.

Music City talent visits our podcast.

Rayvon Owen and Micheal Fabrizio  are Calling Out!

photo 2

Gina Grad, Cindy Kaza, Lisa Williams, Ravon Owen, Susan Pinsky

photo 1

We also took a call from a Calling Out Fan!

photo 1

Donatethrough on AMAZON here on our site, and you can call in to call out too!

Emily Morse and the Orb Crotch Shooters!

April 4, 2014

Click on photo to access this funny and educational podcast about spirits and sexuality. Emily/Rebecca

New Jersey Medium Barbara Mackey reads’s very own Emily Morse whom is called out on her ideas about relationships. She is relieved with the info and can be her own sexy self. Emily might even have a perfect arrangement if she is open to the concept. Barbara shares her theory about the MA370 flight. It’s strange now is that the 120 pieces of plane they previously reported were not plane parts now a week later, just rubbish. It’s all just rubbish. Still searching for that 777 that magically vanished, and perhaps we should check closer to land.

Then, resident clairvoyant, Rebecca Fearing helps three Calling Out listeners who’ve had questions about the unusual activity around their homes. She educates our fans in how to deal with the ghosts in their lives. Kosher sea salt works at the Pinsky Manor. Not only does Rebecca heal horses in Florida, she keeps video taping orbs on her Blackberry.  Our fave is the one orb that flies between her Sherman’s legs in a flash. Who was that?  Nothing better than an orb flying out like that! And, did Rebecca say FIANCE?


Don’t miss Emily Morse on LOVELINE with Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew. Sundays to Thursday via radio, or live stream at





Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

March 5, 2014

Mackenzie Phillips reconnects with her father and passed members of the 70’s rock group, Mamas and the Papas.

Dr. Drew hears from a previous Celebrity Rehab Celeb, Mike Starr,  who passed from an overdose. He gives the entire story via the world renowned Clairvoyant to give Dr. Drew peace of mind after this tragic loss.


Click here for this Episode ON ITUNES! OR GO TO PODBAY FM  WHERE YOU CAN SEE ALL CALLING OUT EPISODES.  Gina Grad and Susan Pinsky join Clairvoyant Lisa Williams in studio with Dr. Drew Pinsky.



Born: April 4, 1966, Honolulu, HI                                           Died: March 8, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT



Rebecca Fearing brings Ernest Hemingway into Podcast One Studios!

January 18, 2014
Mariel Hemingway and Booby Williams join Rebecca Fearing at Podcast One

Mariel Hemingway and Booby Williams join Rebecca Fearing at Podcast One

Rebecca Fearing brings Ernest Hemingway into Podcast One Studios!

ALL NEW Podcast on “Calling Out with Susan Pinsky” was finally produced! Stay tuned for an amazing show about “Secrets!”

Gina Grad, Producer Rich and I hosted actress Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams from Running With Nature! Rebecca Fearing from LA Radio.

The Purple Rose does not disappoint as she brings Mariel’s Nobel Peace Prize winning Grandfather, Earnest Hemingway, Sister Margaux and a host of other very interesting and informative spirits into the Calling Out Studio to give inspiration and guidance to our guests. Cindy Kaza also is in the house!

Join us this week and download our first new and exciting Podcast of 2014!

We cannot wait to hear your comments! You will LOVE this one!