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  • Mama Cass’ Orb

    Mama Cass’ Orb

    I always ask my dog, Rex Honey-Badger, “Who’s your mama?” And he growls back, “mwah mwah” to get a little head scratch as he gives back a doggie smile. I may be a loving mom, but it always exciting to have an actual green orb of “The Mama” from the band called the Mama’s and…

  • Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

    Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

    Mackenzie Phillips reconnects with her father and passed members of the 70’s rock group, Mamas and the Papas. Dr. Drew hears from a previous Celebrity Rehab Celeb, Mike Starr, ¬†who passed from an overdose. He gives the entire story via the world renowned Clairvoyant to give Dr. Drew peace of mind after this tragic loss.…