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  • CO 141- Ginger Gonzaga is Calling Out With Rebecca Fearing.

    CO 141- Ginger Gonzaga is Calling Out With Rebecca Fearing.

    Listen and share! Hollywood’s darling Ginger Gonzaga, AKA @gingerthejester of Kidding, I’m Dying up here, and the most recent season of Grace and Frankie tests her skills at psychic mediumship with world renowned medium du-jour Rebecca Fearing.  Phone lines filled up quickly as Rebecca and Ginger give psychic advice to as many callers as possible. Get […]

  • Calling Out Natalie Wood

    Calling Out Natalie Wood

    Susan is joined by a phalanx of her best psychics, who combine their talents to investigate what happened the night that movie star Natalie Wood died nearly thirty-seven years ago. Former James Bond siren, Lana Wood (Natalie’s sister), is on hand to bear witness to the revelations. Special guest Dylan Howard (media mogul and host […]

  • Eden Sassoon Is Calling Out

    Eden Sassoon Is Calling Out

    Ooh La La Calling Out to all fans of Eden Sassoon from last season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! We are opening the floodgate of tears here today as Eden opens her soul to a psychic posse to include Calise Simone, Rebecca Fearing, and Jennifer M Shaffer during a video podcast available not only in […]

  • Kym Whitley

    Kym Whitley

    Raising Whitley Star of Oprah.com, and Mom of Joshua, Actress/ Comedienne Kym Whitley takes a psychic leap of faith into the arms of the ever so famous Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing and the lovely Clairvoyant Aussie Calise Simone. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Khartoum, Sudan, and introduced to the world via Hollywood, Kym Whitley is […]

  • CO 118 -The Dark Side of Ami Horowitz

    CO 118 -The Dark Side of  Ami Horowitz

    Investigative Journalist Ami Horowitz who consistently plays with fire gets sage advice from his college buddy. Medium Calise Simone gets the inside scoop about Ami.  After the half, Rebecca Fearing joins in to help take callers Patty & Sylvia who downloaded the Calling Out with Susan Pinsky APP and got a free reading! Sponsored by Bergafemme and […]

  • Debra Tate and Dr Bruce Heischober

    Debra Tate and Dr Bruce Heischober

    Debra Tate talks about her feelings about psycho killer Charles Manson and his recent hospitalization with Medium Rebecca Fearing, Susan Pinsky and and Co- host Dr Bruce Heischober. Calise Simone reads Debra Tate and hears a Beatles tune. Caller Tracy reaches out for some help with her grief after the loss of her daughter. . Sponsored […]

  • 106: Kate Chastain of Below Deck

    106: Kate Chastain of Below Deck

    Below Deck Star Kate Chastain calls out the reality behind the reality show since we were recently together on the excursion. Rebecca Fearing makes a connection for her and shows her true talents. Robin,  Jen Shaffer and Cindy Kaza join in to discuss the fabulous time we actually had together on the Valor with Captain […]

  • 105: Jack Osbourne

    105: Jack Osbourne

    Jack Osbourne allows amazing mediums Calise Simone and Cindy Kaza to connect to his afterlife, and talks about his experiences producer of a ghost hunting show, “The Haunted Highway.” We discuss the difference between “The Osbournes” and our recent yaughting experience on “Below Deck.” Rebecca Fearing visits with our number one fan, Jason Purdy who downloaded the NEW APP! […]

  • Charades with Debra Tate

    Charades with Debra Tate

    Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Debra Tate is the sister of Sharon Tate, and has devoted much of her life to advocacy for victims’ rights causes and counseling victims of violent crimes. As her mother, Doris, and sister Patti did during their lifetimes, Debra […]

  • Making a Murderer

    Making a Murderer

    After peering psychically into the Netflix web television series, Making a Murderer, medium Rebecca Fearing calls out the name Eddie in the first few minutes, and we all unfortunately were so nervous, we missed the call. Could that have been Edward Wayne Edwards? Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Rebecca […]