Happy New Year! Calling Out: Predictions Taped December 15, 2014

Co-hosted by Angry Hero Shawn

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What a great 2014! Thanks go out to Podcast One and Producer Rich, who took me in after a jumpstart by Carolla Digital in 2013.  But bigger thanks go to Sideshownetwork.tv for making this a super positive experience in the second half of the year. Third’s a charm!

We are all connected now on a super high level. Special thanks go out to all the fans and Facebook callers who opened up their lives to this discipline of psychic mediumship. We adore you and hope it helps you in your life experiences. My heart also goes out to Barbara from Psychic vs Psychiatric (ITUNES), whom is doing well after her month stay in the hospital. Keep up the great work!

Please be sure listen to extro Music, “Take Me to Church” (Hosier) sung by The Vanderbilt Melodores, who are the current champions of the SING OFF on NBC this December 2014. The live song may be found on ITUNES!  Download! They are close friends of ours, and the first college level a cappella group to win this contest, and the are an amazingly talented group of singers.

Also, my love goes out to all the psychics, astrologers, mediums, clairvoyants, and co-hosts who joined us this year. More to come in 2015. Loved meeting new personalities, and have made some true friends in the process.

This week’s show was co-hosted by Producer Shawn Marek, AKA @AngryHeroShawn, and Maria Springdigliozzi who makes the shit work as she sits quietly in the background. Intro music produced and sung by Rayvon Owen. And thanks to my husband who makes this all possible by paying the bills. Donate today if you want to keep it going for another year.

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Colby and Jerry- Predictions on Itunes
Barbara Mackey Predicts 2015 about Obama, Cosby, and More!




Here’s a glimpse at the Calling Out year of 2014!

Calise, Sam Shaucher,  Colby
Featured Image -- 1675
Rebecca and Chong
photo 6
Craig Shoemaker, Mayte


photo 4
Jennifer, Jena, Rebecca, and Caleb
Breaking Mike
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photo 5
Queen Shanna- Miss Nevada after Party
photo 1
Gina, Jennifer, Janice, Lisa, Susan
Theo Von
photo 2
Hoyt Richards: Aliens and Cults
Bianca and Mike
AJ Barrera and da girls
photo 1
I see dead people
photo 3
Colby scores!
photo 4
Jack, Colby and Emily Morse
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photo 4
Mike Carano


Caleb and Drew


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Man School
Paul Mecurio Headshot #1 Main
Paul Mecurio



photo 3
Heather McDonald
photo 4
Sista wives
photo 1
Psychic Rebel
photo 1-9
Religion vs Spiritualim w/ Karamo Brown, Jack, Jen and Lisa
Dax Holt
photo-18 2
Phil Hendrie, Dr. Drew
Improv Brea
photo 5
Brad Williams/ Gilbert Gottfried, w Rebecca and AJ
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Eliza Coupe
Co-host Shanna
Bianca and Mike with Cindy Kaza
Dr. Denise McDermott, Jen, and Hoyt


Thomas John and Taylor Williamson w/ Cindy
Regine and Lisa
MH370 visions with Shanna and Dr. Wendy
photo 2
Segun and Jill Howerton
photo 2
Baby Rayvon and MH370 with Lisa and Cindy
Rene Graciano, Kevin and Roxy
Rayvon Owen
Sex, Drugs… Mackezie Phillips
Kim Allen
Lynette Carolla: Crimes
Lisa, Colby, Cindy
Caleb and Taylor
photo 3-5
Calise Simone
Simone Bienne and Phil
Noelle Skaggs
photo 1
photo 1
Calling out Rayvon! Tupac?

Gilbert book-2 1665DA5B-529F-49C5-9552-E50DC018E1CE@gateway.2wire.net   photo 2

Mariel Hemingway and Booby Williams join Rebecca Fearing at Podcast One
Mariel Hemmingway and Bobby


0 responses to “Happy New Year! Calling Out: Predictions Taped December 15, 2014”

  1. ‘you hate to see the guy , cosby,obliterated by this, because these things ‘happen’… wow, all I hear is that you support the poor rapists.. you are no friend to women, you don’t seem to have a clue that rape can happen to anyone at any time regardless of social media, and what you said is just stupid. seriously. Rape and proving it or litigating it is no easier than in the ‘old days’… Cosby deserves to have his life crumble, the womens lives have…

  2. I agree. I leave that to Gloria Alred though. It’s something that happened so long ago, and will be taken care of in a legal matter. Innocent until proven guilty. I am personally not a fan of the guy because of these allegations, but have seen people who rally around him in his support. I was a fan as a child. I can see how his power could have made him do crazy things. It reminds me of Micheal Jackson. It’s abuse of power. I have to not personalize this with my feelings though. It’s easy to want to take him down and make him pay. Especially if he is as guilty as it sounds. I am glad it’s out there, but I still hate to see this happen to anyone. I also felt bad for Micheal Jackson. But I still think he was a creep. Thanks for Calling me out.