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Calling Out Podcast LIVE Calling Show 636-334-3999: Jan 23, 2020

January 22, 2020


Joining us this week is special secret Celebrity Guest and Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Rebecca Fearing!

At 6-730 pm PT Thursday, Jan 23 (tomorrow) Rebecca and Susan will be back together  on Calling Out. The show is back by popular demand!

Go to today and like her so you get it when we begin!  Or check it out here when it starts. 

We will be taking your calls at 636-334-3999 starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, (9 pm ET) and have lots of stuff to talk about on #CALLINGOUT. 

Also will be available on @Firstladyoflove Periscope and on Call in as soon as you can and type in you question at the prompt. Phone lines will fill up quickly. Make it a good question for Rebecca and we will get to you if we can.

Calling Out Laci Peterson

January 22, 2018

Calling Out Laci Peterson with audio from “The Afterlife”.  Defense attorney Mark Geragos joins Rebecca Fearing with an intuitive look at the Scott Peterson Case.  Then, Mark is given a one on one with Sloan Bella AKA as the Sexxi Psychic.  We also took a look at two recent missing persons in this episode sent to us via  We further looked for a mother, Kelly Steineger and a 16 year old, Jholie Moussa.

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2017: What’s Next?

April 6, 2017

The funny and charming return co-host Caleb Bacon joins the queen of predictions, Jennifer Shaffer, our very own Psychic Rebel Colby, and via Skype, none other than medium Cindy Kaza for a somber Spring prediction podcast.  We discuss the fate of millennials, President Trump, world events, the fear of terrorism, particularly chemical warfare, and sports.

Dr. Drew gets his own anxiety reduction with a short reading, and engineer Nate welcomes a visit from his grandfather.

Taped on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

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This Afterlife on This Life with MC

October 31, 2016

Calling Out with Susan Pinsky presents a podcast called THIS LIFE WITH DR. DREW AND BOB FORREST. A Playroom Podz Production. This week we being MC Medium, also known as Mellisa Cubillas, to talk to a couple who are new to the psychic medium process.

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New Calling Out shows will be coming your way soon!

This Life 53: This Afterlife

Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD and an evidential psychic medium Melissa Cubillas.  Are people addicted to psychics?  Dr. Jena explains.  MC then sits down to read Ashley and Roger who are curious about the process.

Even though she knows it goes against all the scientific facts she believes in, THIS LIFE meets with licensed clinical neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD to talk about how people are addicted to psychic mediumship workers.  We are joined by  a certified evidential medium (woman who talks to the dead) , Mellisa Cubillas.  Bob Forrest is intrigued and approves of this process.

Dr. Kravitz’s clinical focus is in the areas of adult and geriatric neuropsychological and psychological assessment, brief psychotherapy, behavioral modification, memory and cognitive remediation training and brain fitness.c Even with these credentials, she is not against the use of a psychic medium, and discusses the reasons why it helps people and brings comfort to those in need of help.

Also known as MC, Mellisa Cubillas makes her debut on THIS LIFE to read a surprise guest and her boyfriend.   She has no idea with whom she will be addressing in this impromptu reading.  We try to understand her process and make our own assessment about her abilities. 

If you feel you may need to get a personal reading with Melissa Cubillas, email her at [email protected]  Mellisa MC Medium can also be found on Facebook
Melissa has an upcoming workshop for those in the Maryland area on  November 4, 5, 6 in Annapolis, MD.  Check out her public gallery on November 6. Email her for details or go to her Facebook link She will also be directing a workshop for spiritual development ;  at Eventbrite  and will present a public gallery for the general public as well.  
MC can also be found on a podcast/ radio show every week called


Divine Football Orb Intervention with Dr Drew

December 31, 2015

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Photos Courtesy of Susan Pinsky

Intuitive Jerry Hoskey and medium AJ Barrera investigate the incredible story of a young varsity football player #41 named Jackson Allen who defied the odds of a fatal head injury that occurred Halloween of 2009. Tune in to this one on one conversation between Jackson and Dr. Drew 7 years later, and how Dr. Drew somehow miraculously saved his life and now looking at through photographic moments just beforehand may have shown warning signs from higher power, perhaps proving he was not alone during this tragic event.

greenorb (1 of 1) orbscrop1 (1 of 1)-2

orbscrop1 (1 of 1)

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Close Ups requested by a twitter follower @Clownoff : She posted @Firstladyoflove Can u isolate the picture of the orb with the face in it and post it? @AJBArrera nice coming up with the name David and the NDE.  Thanks to Joe Doe for your suggestion.


Another photo my daughter took of Jackson a year after his injury.




Orb on top right corner

Music extro “We Run This” courtesy of DNK._DB_1665fixed


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The Peoples Couch on the Calling Out Couch

December 28, 2015

The Peoples Couch’s amazing guests, Blake, Scott and Emerson.

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IMG_8433Blake Mc Iver, Scott Nevins and Emerson Collins have some clear messages from no other than Robin Williams and electronic wizard, Gary. Oh, and Scott, please look in the fireplace! Rebecca Fearing and Calise Simone make magic. Music Extro courtesy of Blake Mc Giver, “This is who we

Serial Medical Murders

December 28, 2015

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Psychic Forensic Investigator Jennifer Shaffer, Medium A.J. Barrera and Clairvoyant Rebecca Fearing conduct a psychic investigation designed to probe the sudden unexplained deaths, murders and so-called suicides of twelve medical doctors during the summer of 2015.  Is this rash of deaths a federal conspiracy, a series of carefully orchestrated hits, or something even worse?  Produced by Jenifer Barerra. Music Extro courtesy of Ross Bridgeman, featuring “Insomniac” by John Flanagan. Available on Itunes.  Please go to the Cast of Clairvoyants to get a list of my approves intuitives.

Suicide Bridge

October 20, 2015

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Psychic Medium AJ Barrera takes a night visit with Dr. Drew to a haunted bridge in Pasadena, California.


Paranormal investigator, F.J. Lennon, author of ‘Devil’s Gate’ and ‘Soul Trapper,’ then joins  via Skype, medium A.J. Barrera, his intuitive wife Jennifer, and psychic-scientist Ellen Marron to describe the many tragic and erie events that have occurred on the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California over the last century. This one hundred year-old landmark, also known as, “Suicide Bridge,” plays host to  countless lost souls who took their own lives here.  A late night field trip to the bridge brings to light the miracles that can happen even in one’s darkest moment. They also have some  scientific explanations regarding the draw to this architectural gem of a place.


Ellen Marron, Jennifer Musil-Barrera, Susan Pinsky on STITCHER

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