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  • Bert and Leeann Kreischer

    Bert and Leeann Kreischer

    Comedian Bert Kreischer brings his better half Lee Ann Kreischer to call out with Medium Calise Simone and Psychic Rebel Colby. Visit callingoutwithsusanpinsky.com to find our approved Cast Of Clairvoyants.   Sponsored by BergaFEMME and Drdrew.com.   Music Extro “Black of White” is courtesy of Emmett Skyy. EmmettSkyy.com is where the details about this amazing artist may […]

  • Hardware to Habitat Heaven

    Hardware to Habitat Heaven

    Susan loses her iconic father Dennis Sailer at 92 who worked by himself seven days a week for nine hours a day, until his death on April 8, 2016. Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Denny bequeathed the Sailer family with Adams Do it Best Hardware, a 65 […]

  • Shanna Moakler is Calling Out

    Shanna Moakler is Calling Out

    Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler returns to get a spiritual tune up via Psychic Rebel Colby and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Evidential medium Rebecca Fearing talks ISIS. Arkansas and Wash DC need protection. Amy gets a reading. APEXM from InControlMedical.com is the weeks […]

  • Geragos Gets Holy ‘Massage’

    Geragos Gets Holy ‘Massage’

    On iTunes  We have proof Jesus gives foot rubs on the Santiago trail after Psychic Rebel Colby and Calise Simone sit down in the new Playroom Pod Studio with Paulette Geragos. She tells her story about walking 500 miles through the Spanish Camino and the miracles along the way. Facebook callers Noah and Vicki get a reading.  http://traffic.libsyn.com/susanpinsky/Geragosgetsholymassagemp3.mp3  “Chandelier” – (Sia) […]

  • Ali Spagnola?!?!?! How cool is that?

    Ali Spagnola?!?!?! How cool is that?

    Loved having my new girl crush, musician/ comedian Ali Spagnola who came in skeptical and left a believer! We predicted her future with the Psychc Rebel Colby and Calise Simone here on Itunes or visit soundcloud.com/susanpinsky  She is super fun and is not really a smurf!   Ali is quite an inspiration and is very accomplised as […]

  • BFFs with Emily Morse!!!

    BFFs with Emily Morse!!!

    Girls ruled this week. “Sex with Emily” podcast entrepreneur, brings Emily Shotwell into our circle of psychic influence to hear what she already knows about herself. Psychic Rebel Colby in studio to give her third eye insights for Emily squared. New York based clairvoyant, Calise Simone, makes it all so much more proper. We tried to […]

  • Looking for Love with Co-host Andy Dick

    Looking for Love with Co-host Andy Dick

    We love Andy Dick! He has amazing connections in the living and the dead. His adorable single friends joined us on this weeks episode to get some psychic future love advice from Psychic Rebel Colby and Melissa Cubillas, Aka MC. Screenwriter and producer or THE HEAD THEIVES, Mike Hermosa, and PJ joined us in studio. […]

  • Duncan Trussell

    Duncan Trussell

    This week’s guest, Comedian Duncan Trussell from the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast and Drunk History is skeptical about this process until the Psychic Rebel and Rebecca Fearing tap into his mind.  We have a great time making his past, present and future come alive. We also understand Duncan’s feelings about marriage and that he […]

  • Ivory May is Perfect

    Ivory May is Perfect

    Ivory May, anti body shaming activist and plus size model/actress,  joins us in studio with Psychic Rebel Colby and Jennifer Shaffer. Dr Denise McDermott is our co-host and brings her medical insights for this episode’s Facebook callers. Here on ITUNES  Hip hop extro tune courtesy of Osa Asemota, with his debut of PERFECT and you can find […]

  • Greg Grunberg meets Psychic Twins

    Greg Grunberg meets Psychic Twins

    Introducing the Psychic Twins! Terry and Linda Jamison get to know Musician/Actor Greg Grunberg known for HEROS and MASTERS OF SEX. Then they connect with intuitive and psychic investigator, Jennifer Shaffer. Here on Itunes!    Greg also has a up close and personal with Jennifer Shaffer, and the brilliant Psychic Rebel, Christina Colby. Its a Psychic tag […]