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CO 136 – Rebel Colby Meets 3 Mamas

August 7, 2018

Return guest, Owen Elliot Kugel, is the conduit who allows medium Rebel Colby to connect with 3 amazing mamas. These include Owen’s own mother, musician Mama Cass, who has a strong presence, as usual. Colby tunes in, identifies her, and calls out her spirit. Bob’s mama has a history with Mama Cass so Colby helps him to resolve secrets from the 60s. Drew gets a hard lesson from his own Mama, who is clear about her position in life, and in the afterlife. Listen to previous eps with Owen & Mack Phillips to hear how this all evolved at CO 20: Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll and CO: 87 Mama Cass’ Orb. Meet Drew’s Mom on CO 13:Dr. Drew’s Mom.  Free and available today!  Check out the interview with Mack and Owen on This Life #youlive. Coming up next week.  Sponsored by

CO 135 Mary Lynn Rajskub / James Preston Rogers / Bob Saget

August 7, 2018

Mary Lynn Rajskub returns (ep 98) with newbies James Preston Rogers and Bob Saget of #Benjamin to call out with clairvoyants du jour, Sloan Bella & Rebecca Fearing.  It’s a Hollywood who’s-who of spirits.  Starring John Wayne, Verne Troyer and Don Rickles who join in the conversation. Bob Saget is blown away. Dr. Drew explains possible reasons for Verne’s death. #RIP Verne Troyer

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CO 134 Jo Ringer Found

August 7, 2018

Co-hosts Mary Carey and Kendra Jade Rossi here with Psychic Mediums Calise Simone, Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer for a special follow up to the Joanne Ringer case. We specifically pointed out the area where Jo was discovered on Feb 28, near a red barn and turkey farm. Our condolences go out to the family.

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CO 132 Tan Mom

August 7, 2018

Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil joins mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella. KA calls in for a reading too! #YOULIVE #CALLINGOUT

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Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry

December 11, 2017

Colby Rebel and Dr. Drew meet a new intuitive astrologist Rachel Lang for a blind read of Teen Mom Kail Lowery.  Baby in the future?  For more information on how to get your reading, go to and

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CO 124: Where Is Jo Ringer? (RECAP)

August 29, 2017

Warning: this may be graphic and unsuitable for children.

Clairvoyants Calise Simone and Jennifer M. Shaffer are joined by Kendra Jade Rossi in the Playroom Pods Studio to recap their live show findings and further investigate the case of her missing sister, Jo Ringer.  If you have any informations to help find the remains of Jo Ringer, please email us at [email protected].  No questions asked.

CO 123: Where Is Jo Ringer? (Part One)

August 29, 2017

Four prominent Calling Out Clairvoyants investigate this unsolved missing person case.  Mediums Melissa Cubillas, Rebecca Fearing, Jennifer M Shaffer and Calise Simone interview Jo’s sister, Kendra Jade Rossi and a private investigator on the case, Dr. Sarah Stein.  If you have any details or information as to the whereabouts of Jo Ringer, please contact us at [email protected]. Also available on Facebook/susansailerpinsky in video format.