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Eden Sassoon Is Calling Out

August 30, 2017

Ooh La La Calling Out to all fans of Eden Sassoon from last season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

We are opening the floodgate of tears here today as Eden opens her soul to a psychic posse to include Calise Simone, Rebecca Fearing, and Jennifer M Shaffer during a video podcast available not only in podcast form, but also visually on YOUTUBE!   We have a special celebrity spirit in the hizzy!  Go to and also see the live video podcast available on Facebook/susansailerpinsky!





BFFs with Emily Morse!!!

July 2, 2015

Girls ruled this week. “Sex with Emily” podcast entrepreneur, brings Emily Shotwell into our circle of psychic influence to hear what she already knows about herself.


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Psychic Rebel Colby in studio to give her third eye insights for Emily squared. New York based clairvoyant, Calise Simone, makes it all so much more proper. We tried to avoid going above a PG rating. The use of the word penis did occur. Useful term. Loved the level of estrogen, (except for me) in the Sideshow Studio.


Periscope comments are always so entertaining! Emily is getting a ring!







You can “wear my sweatshirt”, if Emily makes it for you!

Extro Music “Sweatshirt” courtesy of my babies, Rayvon Owen and Ross Bridgeman. Rayvon is on tour with American Idol this summer. And special Happy Birthday wishes to BFFs Jennifer Shaffer, and Ross and Rayvon this week!


FullSizeRenderDon’t forget to go to to have pre-packaged and healthy recipes sent to your doorstep so you can prepare a fabulous meal in minutes! I introduced my son Douglas how to use PLATED this week, and he was so happy to learn how to cook this amazing recipe. We were amazed at the convenience and he felt so proud of himself.


@douglasdrewp is cooking!!!! Ladies?



Steve Belanger: It’s About Time w/ Mellissa Cubillas

March 11, 2015


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Super cool Dad, and complete skeptic, Steve Belanger meets via phone in with Medium Mellissa Cubillas and is shocked to hear a repeat reading about his nephew from Rebecca Fearing right as soon as she walks in.


Mellisa Cubillas on Facebook

Emotionally it makes a deep impact on the Host and Producer

“The Gamut with Steve Belanger”  available on the

Also you can find his book “My Penthouse Past” by clicking through.

Steve is soon to be starring in a new One Man Show in the fall called “It’s About Time.”

 Extro Song is By our own Rayvon Owen, and Co-written by Ross Bridgeman.

“AIR” on Itunes

Rayvon has made it to top 16 this week!

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Lovemaster Craig Shoemaker

December 19, 2014

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Co-host and celeb Mayte Garcia gets a kick out of writer, actor, and producer Craig Shoemaker, AKA “The Lovemaster.” Craig is in a life changing transformation from a life on the road as a very well known comedian, to help others on a full-time basis, (maybe). His organization is called We applaud his dedication to help others.  Award winning author of

Oh yeah, baby!!!!

Craig shares his new beginning with us as psychic rebel Christina Colby and physical fitness psychic Jerry Hoskey give him spiritual insight to his future.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to Caleb Bacon from Man School.



Calling Out: Rapid Fire Facebook Callers

November 18, 2014
photo 5

Psychic Rebel Christina Colby

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This week “Calling Out” caught up on six great Facebook Callers who wanted a personal reading. We addressed their questions with Psychic Rebel Colby and Jerry Hoskey who has recently joined our Cast of Clairvoyants.


 Music by Ross Bridgeman! “Beaches of Mexico”!  Co-writer with Rayvon Owen. Producers of our very own CALLING OUT jingle.

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103015439510152103160856889953761824496159 Jerry Hoskey

Psychic Fitness Medium Jerry Hoskey is a new addition to the cast.

 photo 3

Calling Out: Moms vs ISIS and Ebola w/ Bianca Kiajhlic and Mike Catherwood

October 23, 2014


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Who doesn’t love, “The Catherwoods?” Everyone knows they have so much love and respect for each other and will be huge relationship role models for the next 10 generations to come.

Michael Catherwood, AKA, “Psycho Mike” from KROQ F.M.’s Loveline, and talented actress and new mom, Bianca Kiajhlic from UNDATABLE were our guests today! Bianca will be joining the Sideshow Network with a podcast soon!

All I encountered in this dimension, were their excited eyes gleaming upon each other across the table as they brought the most positive energy into the Sideshow Studio ever on this show!

Among other things, Rebecca Fearing speaks of Mike’s connection with Italy and the open spaces of grape orchards, and we discuss Bianca’s beautiful daughter Magnolia Moon. And perhaps, we may see a brother and sisters to come?

Psychic Astrologist, Kim Allen called in today as well, to deliver a message from New York City, and is very specific about Bianca, Mike and Magnolia Moon, as she recites her chart findings. Mike’s buddy Joe Manganiello and partner Sofia Vegara are our other Celeb couple are also included in on the Calling Out show today as we hear their Astrological relationship message as per Miss Kim Allen.

Susan has a crazy coincidental brush with Kanye West. Kim allen agrees. Always happens!

Thanks to producer Shawn, Maria and Heather for making this all happen. Love you guys at sideshow, and Roddy too!

Check out Bianca’s new Podcast on the called “Atomic Moms.’ Coming this November! Subscribe and be a part of the new nonjudgmental mom show! I am excited to promote and now you will love it too!

Calling Out: Religion vs Spirituality w/ Karamo Brown

September 24, 2014


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SGG_0021 copy

World renowned Clairvoyant, Ms. Lisa Williams, calls in from Lilydale to discuss her recent visit to Norway.

Lisa just recently made headline news after she became intertwined with Princess Märtha Louise and Royal Family politics after the bishop of Bjørgvin, Jan Otto Myrseth whom finds her abilities to reach out to spirits in the afterlife non compliant with the Church ideals, which creates a storm of controversy for the Royals.

Karamo Brown_Karamo_Host_Father_Model_Actor_Television Host_Producer_OWN_MTV_RealWorld_2

Karamo Brown, Social Worker and host from Oprah’s OWN SHOW, and regular on HLN’s DR DREW ON CALL is co-hosting today, and receives a visit from his beloved grandmother who tells a story that only Karamo knows.

photo 1-9Duelng Clairvoyant’s, Jennifer Shaffer and newbie Mr. Jack Rourke bring spiritual guidance to a worried Facebook caller as she struggles with her life and how to find a way to accept and expose her natural psychic abilities when Christianity is her true belief system. And my Twitter BFF @Artziegler, Rev. Art Ziegler calls in and gets an interesting reading.

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Jack Rourke is the author of the bestselling book, The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception.Dubbed “world renowned” by AOL’s celebrity news, his annual predictions have been distributed globally by the Associated Press and he was the go-to guy for CNN when they sought a spiritual perspective on the passing of superstar Michael Jackson. Jack’s experience working with police earned him recognition as the real-life “Patrick Jane” when Warner Television cast him alongside former FBI in a special documentary promoting the hit TV show, “The Mentalist”. – Jack’s no nonsense style andrational perspective have also led to appearances on FOX, ABC, NBC, the History and Travel Channels, Destination America, Showtime, the BBC, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Overnight America with John Grayson, Playboy radio and more. For more information or to book aprivate session, please visit:
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Calling Out: Soul Mates: Co-Host Shanna Moakler

July 16, 2014


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Join Beauty Queen and Actress, Shanna Moakler from VH1’s Hollywood Exes.

Today’s special co-host on


Shanna has some exciting testimonial for Psychic Rebel Colby about her previous reading where she predicted a win!

Congratulations to Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, officially crowned Miss USA!

1665DA5B-529F-49C5-9552-E50DC018E1CE@gateway.2wire.netPlus, Actress Mayte Garcia from the popular VH1 show calls in to take a reading from Medium Rebecca Fearing and Psychic Rebel Colby where they feel the canine presence right away! Mayte’s cutie pie pooches have a message too!


Marriage proposal of the season is called out by our resident psychics,

and love is in the air.

Want romantic moves? Guys, listen and learn!


Kaleb Nation, and fiancé Taylor Elizabeth, also known as @bfftaylor on twitter, are the sweetest example of true soul mates. Check out their proposal here on You Tube, emotional. And must see this hilarious remix by Kaleb Nation / Bieber Remix 

Kaleb is also known as a regular on Dr. Drew on HLN. 

They Kiss2

Thanks for another great episode created by loving and giving guests willing to share their lives on a different level, and special thanks go out to Shanna for hosting.

We also appreciate the Facebook caller for calling in from Canada!

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23 years ago this week, on July 21, I married my soul mate and best friend.  Love you Dr. Drew……..

CALLING OUT, CRIMES: Sideshow Network Premiere Show: Co-Hosted by Podcast Pioneer Lynette Carolla

July 9, 2014

Susan,  Medium Jennifer Shaffer, Co-Host Lynnette Carolla and Medium Rebecca Fearing

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=true&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

CALLING OUT is back on with in studio mediums Jennifer Shaffer and Rebecca Fearing , and special co-host Lynette Carolla from “For Cryin’ Out Loud“, and the “10th Avenue Podcast“.

Actress and Comedian, Ginger Gonzaga calls in for a reading and she was amazed! Ginger called the next day to say that she immediately had an email about London calling. Listen to find out more. Ginger is known for appearing on MIXOLOGY on ABC, LEGIT on FXX, THE FAMILY GUY on FOX, TED, and a new FX Show called YOUR’E THE WORST.

 ginger 2

CALLING OUT CRIMES addresses a horrific stalking turned fatal with Tony Ingram, mother of her angel Morgan. Rebecca and Jennifer clearly see her spirit. Morgan brought her strong presence through electronics such as the alarm system and a refrigerator in the Pinsky household. And then again in studio. No fooling!  As soon as we stopped Toni’s reading, the entire building lost power, and the Sideshow Studios had to reboot all computers to continue the show. You can find Toni Ingram on twitter @MorgansStalking and please check out her Facebook here. Please also sign a petition to reinstate her investigation. We need your help. Rebecca and Jennifer have spoken about this subject further and are convinced someone was very good at covering up evidence in her bedroom.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by listening to this story and following their sound advise. Our kids need to be protected.

Plus, a Facebook CALLING OUT fan, Leanne, skypes in from Australia to tell us her experience with two horrific crimes she has endured in the last two years. Rebecca and Jen nail the reading. She now has clear ideas of where to look next.

Please look at the computer passwords you use, and change them regularly.

Music Exit Credits go to Rayvon Owen and you can enjoy his song

“Rescue Me”

here, and go to for more music.

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First Lady of Love

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July 5, 2014


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