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Calling Out: Neuropsychologist Dr. Jena Kravitz w/ co-host Psychic Rebel Colby

October 15, 2014


Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Jena Kravitz from DRDREW ON HLN in studio with Co-host Psychic Rebel Colby.

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photo 3SHE Shoots!photo 2 photo 4 photo 5SHE SCORES!!!!

Watching Colby work is a fun experience as she does a little touchdown dance when she hits the mark in a clairvoyant reading. Her eyes spin around and her pupils dilate. When the caller confirms, her arms start swinging in silent joy! Listen to her reading of two Facebook callers and enjoy her as our co-host today!



 Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Consultant, Calise Simone of New York, calls in to call out for Dr. Jena, as well. Hear Jena’s story unfold.

Calise Simone will be co-conducting several Seances while in Salem, MA this October with Psychic Medium Marion Hedger.  The tickets are selling very quickly, but there’s still some available.

You can RSVP by calling:

 978 666 0763

Or, visiting the link below.
Click on “Seances conducted by Marion Hedger”. 
Dates where I will be co-conducting include:
Tuesday, October 21st: 7pm – 8.30pm
Tuesday, October 28th: 7pm – 8.30pm
Friday, October 31st: 8pm – 9.30pm
Hope to see you there!
Love and light,

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Calling Out: A Celebration of Man w/ Caleb Bacon & Dr Drew

September 20, 2014

Caleb Bacon from MAN SCHOOL PODCAST opens up for a reading from Psychic Rebel, Colby and Rebecca Fearing this week, on ITunes!

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Colby and The Purple Rose, Rebecca Fearing inspire Mr. Bacon with their Clairvoyance. Bacon’s mom loved the reading!

Find Colby at or on Twitter @PsychicRebel.

You can also find Rebecca Fearing at or @thepurplerose on twitter. If you want to get a reading DM us on Facebook,

Susan Sailer Pinsky


Dr. Drew is the host of Dr. Drew on Call on HLN Monday to Thurs, at 9 p.m. He is a 30 year veteran to radio on KROQ F.M. on Los Angeles, co-hostng LOVELINE and has a podcast on Carolla Digital. ADAM AND DR DREW SHOW as well as the DR DREW Podcast.


Outro music called “Celebration of Man” by Yanni.

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Calling Out: World Issues with Dax Holt and co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky

September 3, 2014

This is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and my beautiful Husband, Dr. Drew Pinsky, is a Cancer survivor.


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Check out – the Prostate Cancer Foundation website, to see how you can save your man’s life.

Calling Out available on

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TMZ’s very own Dax Holt unnamedjoined CALLING OUT this week! His skepticism was vanquished when he called into speak the

Psychic Rebel Colby

white jacket-2


and Rebecca Fearing!

We were not at all questioning the validity of this reading.

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Calling Out has the best psychics for you!

Dr. Drew Interviewed by Bobbie Doolie on THE REAL PHIL HENDRIE SHOW Part One

August 26, 2014

photo 1-5

A three part series on Sideshow Network where “Bobby Doolie” and Husband “Steve” interview Dr. Drew Pinsky on THE REAL PHIL HENDRIE SHOW! I laughed so hard, and was amazed at the comedic genius in the room.

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Also, do not forget to listen to the fabulously talented and handsome, Phil Hendrie, on CALLING OUT!

My favorite reading yet by Music City Medium Cindy Kaza! Phil was so freaked out when he felt his fathers’ presence! He was trying to keep it together for Bobbie.



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Actress Eliza Coupe and Co-host Segun Oduolowu on Calling Out

July 22, 2014
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Proud to have talented powerhouse Eliza Coupe on CALLING OUT.  Eliza will star in a NEW comedy called “BENCHED” coming out this January on the USA Network. Also known as the hot Dr. Denise Mahoney of SCRUBS, and as Jane Kerkovich-Williams on HAPPY ENDINGS. She recently played talented Marissa McClintock on HOUSE OF LIES.   Psychics Rebecca Fearing and Jennifer Shaffer tell her what else is coming in her life! She is a frequent flyer! Not at all skeptical. RainCatcher is the charity she is very involved with that brings clean water to children and communities in Africa by catching rain water and filtering it with scientifically engineered, high powered/high-tech filters.

Calling out is available by going to www.Soundcloud/SusanPinsky and also on the new and exciting Sideshow Network website. Subscribe on iTunes and listen to all the past, present and future podcasts!

Special call in psychic astrologer, Kim Allen reads Segun Oduolowu and our SideShowNetwork genius producer Shawn! 


From “Wired In with Segun” on iTunes. A new new and noteworthy show on Podcast One. Segun shares his personal reaction on the Elliot Roger case that was recently a topic he addressed on HLN’s “Dr. Drew on Call”.

“If you have not been following our ongoing discussion here at Dr. Drew on Call, allow me to get you up to speed.  Elliot Roger, a 22 year old college student, fatally stabbed 3 men in his home, proceeded to shoot two women outside of a sorority house, and then shot a man at a deli in Isla Vista California, before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.  By the end of his rampage, 6 innocent people were dead, and a community was left searching for answers.” -Segun


Jennifer Shaffer was a forensic psychic investigator on the Eliott Roger case, and validates Segun’s thoughts about the issues of gun control and taking them out if the hands of psychiatrically deranged individuals. Coincidentally, Jennifer had a spooky realization after listening to the news just two days after our taping. She found out that a boy she grew up with, a Mr. Lee Haskell, was responsible for a brutal slaying in Texas. She was terrorized by the news, and was asked to join DR DREW ON CALL . The story is about a woman who leaves her abusive husband and goes into hiding. He proceeds to kill her sister’s family execution style and also tries to take her parents as well. It further proves guns are not safe in the wrong hands.

DR. DREW ON CALL Interview with Jennifer Shaffer


Our Clairvoyant du-jour: is the talented psychic medium Rebecca Fearing. She is found @thePurpleRose on twitter and host of “Dancing with Ghosts” on La Radio and iTunes.

Her website is here at 


kimcb22514-1   Medium Kim Allen is a new addition to the CALLING OUT Crew. A Manhattan based psychic medium with astrological expertise. Positive energy, knows her stuff. Kim delivers Segun and producer Shawn convincing information. Segun’s interests were peaked, even though he is a bit of a skeptic. Find her on twitter at @kimallenastro  or

As always, we enjoyed having Segun on the podcast again,  @Seguntheprogram on twitter, “Wired In with Segun” on Podcast One.  PLEASE check him out on iTunes and subscribe today!  He appears regularly on NBC’s Access Hollywood Live, and HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call.

Segun also wanted to share that he is in partnership with the Aim High Foundation of Southern California, and it’s creator NBA Champion Kenny Smith.  He has coached over a dozen “Young-Stars” to Division I basketball scholarships. He has a heart of gold for kids who need help.

Calling Out: Soul Mates: Co-Host Shanna Moakler

July 16, 2014


on iTunes



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Join Beauty Queen and Actress, Shanna Moakler from VH1’s Hollywood Exes.

Today’s special co-host on


Shanna has some exciting testimonial for Psychic Rebel Colby about her previous reading where she predicted a win!

Congratulations to Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, officially crowned Miss USA!

1665DA5B-529F-49C5-9552-E50DC018E1CE@gateway.2wire.netPlus, Actress Mayte Garcia from the popular VH1 show calls in to take a reading from Medium Rebecca Fearing and Psychic Rebel Colby where they feel the canine presence right away! Mayte’s cutie pie pooches have a message too!


Marriage proposal of the season is called out by our resident psychics,

and love is in the air.

Want romantic moves? Guys, listen and learn!


Kaleb Nation, and fiancé Taylor Elizabeth, also known as @bfftaylor on twitter, are the sweetest example of true soul mates. Check out their proposal here on You Tube, emotional. And must see this hilarious remix by Kaleb Nation / Bieber Remix 

Kaleb is also known as a regular on Dr. Drew on HLN. 

They Kiss2

Thanks for another great episode created by loving and giving guests willing to share their lives on a different level, and special thanks go out to Shanna for hosting.

We also appreciate the Facebook caller for calling in from Canada!

Go to our fan page at Susan Sailer Pinsky on Facebook and please tell us why you want a reading too!  New show every week!

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23 years ago this week, on July 21, I married my soul mate and best friend.  Love you Dr. Drew……..

Dr. Drew on Call’s Segun Oduolowo and Actress, Jill Latiano-Howardson form LEGIT meets Psychic Rebel

April 9, 2014

The Calling Out, with Susan Pinsky Podcast Link is Here on ITunes today! 

Según and Colby

Segun Oduolowo  finds  Psychic Rebel Colby so legitimate as she reads him in  “Psychic Mode” at first. Segun arrived ready to be a skeptic, however, she touched on his life and seems too legit to rough up. WE FIND OUT HE HAS SOME KICKIN SNEAKS. Learns he is on the road to success. Segun is a regular on “Dr. Drew On Call”  every Tuesday and Thursday on HLN at 9 PM. Also can find him on Access Hollywood’s Plugged In!!

Jill Latiano Howerton from LEGIT on FXX 

Here with hub Glenn Howerton from ALWAYS SUNNY and Dr. Drew.


 Jill is changing course in her life and validates that her architectural skills may be a money making endeavor for her future. Her grandmother visits, and sounds so sweet. Previous celeb friend comes by but wants to stay anonymous due to a connection to many of our previous CALLING OUT guests. She is glad he said hello from a distance.

 Jill is known as the beautiful love interest of Jim Jefferies’ on LEGIT, on FXX. Jill recently produced a documentary she calls GMO OMG. The director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers about genetically modified foods. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? She wants us to gain insight into a question that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your plate?


GMO OMG is available on DVD in the summer of 2014. Pre-order available soon and be sure to click through on our CALLING OUT AMAZON link to purchase and support the show. The website is to see the trailer and get updates.

Great News!

We are now taking  “Calling Out Callers” so be sure to let us know if you have a need to call in. Just let us know here or on our Facebook Page. 

Check out the PAYPAL link for our show so we can continue our broadband podcasts for eternity! We will take your calls first if you donate! 

Callers this week!


I would love a reading! My brother died unexpectedly in 2007 & 2 months later my Dad committed suicide. Last May, my Mom was run over in her front yard by a woman on drugs & alcohol. I miss them all so much & I really want to know my Mom is still with me. This year has drained me, and I just want her back.


Check out this website for Christi’s message to me here on where she asks for guidance. Colby was not aware of my blog and sees blood.  We try to give her sage advice.




Emily Morse and the Orb Crotch Shooters!

April 4, 2014

Click on photo to access this funny and educational podcast about spirits and sexuality. Emily/Rebecca

New Jersey Medium Barbara Mackey reads’s very own Emily Morse whom is called out on her ideas about relationships. She is relieved with the info and can be her own sexy self. Emily might even have a perfect arrangement if she is open to the concept. Barbara shares her theory about the MA370 flight. It’s strange now is that the 120 pieces of plane they previously reported were not plane parts now a week later, just rubbish. It’s all just rubbish. Still searching for that 777 that magically vanished, and perhaps we should check closer to land.

Then, resident clairvoyant, Rebecca Fearing helps three Calling Out listeners who’ve had questions about the unusual activity around their homes. She educates our fans in how to deal with the ghosts in their lives. Kosher sea salt works at the Pinsky Manor. Not only does Rebecca heal horses in Florida, she keeps video taping orbs on her Blackberry.  Our fave is the one orb that flies between her Sherman’s legs in a flash. Who was that?  Nothing better than an orb flying out like that! And, did Rebecca say FIANCE?


Don’t miss Emily Morse on LOVELINE with Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew. Sundays to Thursday via radio, or live stream at





Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

March 5, 2014

Mackenzie Phillips reconnects with her father and passed members of the 70’s rock group, Mamas and the Papas.

Dr. Drew hears from a previous Celebrity Rehab Celeb, Mike Starr,  who passed from an overdose. He gives the entire story via the world renowned Clairvoyant to give Dr. Drew peace of mind after this tragic loss.


Click here for this Episode ON ITUNES! OR GO TO PODBAY FM  WHERE YOU CAN SEE ALL CALLING OUT EPISODES.  Gina Grad and Susan Pinsky join Clairvoyant Lisa Williams in studio with Dr. Drew Pinsky.



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