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Calling Out: Breaking Mike Carano

December 3, 2014

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The ultimate funny guy, Mike Carano from AFTER DISSASTER is back for another episode as co-host and is probably the biggest skeptic we ever had on the show. Making him open his mind and heart is not easy. But Rebecca Fearing and Jennifer Shaffer may have some tools to help him use his third eye! He can see auras and knows names too! He might be psychic, after all.


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Facebook Caller submits her unusual photo taken at her brother’s grave . She was standing alone and this was who she found standing behind her.


Susan has a taro card reading at Rebecca’s Gala and get her lucky number 3 card.



Music by Rayvon Owen


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Calling Out: Comedian Paul Mecurio w/ Co-host Shanna Moakler!

October 5, 2014
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Psychic Rebel Colby flies solo this episode and has a heart to heart with Paul Mecurio from The Paul Mecurio Podcast! His anxieties about life are pretty common, and he gets some tips from the girls on how to deal with Hollywood lifestyle, and his career choices. Shanna Moakler, From Hollywood Exes, gets some great news form Colby too!

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We all admit taking risk and being fearless is important to succeed, and showing the universe how grateful you are, will help with the journey. DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE TODAY ON ITUNES! CLICK HERE! SUBSCRIBE! Also GoDaddy has a new campaign that they wanted to share with everyone. It is now $1.49 for a new or transfer .com. Just put in the code OUT149 and give us some love! We need support of our show and GoDaddy will give us credit if you get your domaine with our special OUT149 Code upon check out. Thank-you for supporting our podcast.

Calling Out: Air Disasters: World Peace and MH 370 w/ co-host Gina Grad

July 30, 2014

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Gina Grad is back!!!

CALLING OUT took a different path this week. Five intuitives turn attention to war, terror and oil issues in this world with a psychic circle of friends. Appalled by Malaysian flight 17 disaster in the Ukraine recently, CALLING OUT briefly revisited the missing Malaysian flight 370 lost in March 2014. Since there is still no hard evidence found regarding horrific MH370 event, we were curious if there was any connection. Three mediums made some clear calls on the future of the airlines. We are addressing global problems concerning Russia, the Ukraine, Gaza, and the Middle East. Taped episode on July 24, 2014 Strangely enough, Cindy Kaza and Rebecca kept getting insight about Africa. Lisa, AJ and Barbara were given intuitively sad news that another plane would crash again.  Coincidentally, two days later, Air Algerie flight AH5017 went down in Mali’s Gossi region near where our psychics were feeling trouble. Lisa, Barbara, and AJ believe this is a coincidence. They still think it will happen again for a bigger reason. A Taiwanese airliner also recently went down in the tail of a typhoon. No one is sure if it was terror related yet. We are also missing many airliners since this podcast.

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Joined by Lisa WIlliams and Cindy Kaza Calling in from Lilydale, New York



In Studio with RebeccaFearing.comRebecca Fearing


Rebecca Fearing and A.J Barerra from Los Angeles, …and Special guest Psychic Medium Barbara Mackey calling in to CALLING OUT!

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Calling Out Air Disasters

Gina, Aj, Susan and Rebecca on

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Calling Out: Soul Mates: Co-Host Shanna Moakler

July 16, 2014


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Join Beauty Queen and Actress, Shanna Moakler from VH1’s Hollywood Exes.

Today’s special co-host on


Shanna has some exciting testimonial for Psychic Rebel Colby about her previous reading where she predicted a win!

Congratulations to Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, officially crowned Miss USA!

1665DA5B-529F-49C5-9552-E50DC018E1CE@gateway.2wire.netPlus, Actress Mayte Garcia from the popular VH1 show calls in to take a reading from Medium Rebecca Fearing and Psychic Rebel Colby where they feel the canine presence right away! Mayte’s cutie pie pooches have a message too!


Marriage proposal of the season is called out by our resident psychics,

and love is in the air.

Want romantic moves? Guys, listen and learn!


Kaleb Nation, and fiancé Taylor Elizabeth, also known as @bfftaylor on twitter, are the sweetest example of true soul mates. Check out their proposal here on You Tube, emotional. And must see this hilarious remix by Kaleb Nation / Bieber Remix 

Kaleb is also known as a regular on Dr. Drew on HLN. 

They Kiss2

Thanks for another great episode created by loving and giving guests willing to share their lives on a different level, and special thanks go out to Shanna for hosting.

We also appreciate the Facebook caller for calling in from Canada!

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23 years ago this week, on July 21, I married my soul mate and best friend.  Love you Dr. Drew……..