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2017 Psychic Prediction Posse

January 1, 2017

Mediums Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole, Cindy Kaza call out with Susan Pinsky and Dr. Drew to psychically predict the future.

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Check out the Cast of Clairvoyants page for all the best psychic mediums we have to offer this year! A welcome  addition to the list is Medium Apryl Nicole.


Calise Simone

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108: Calling Out Jason Ellis and Katie Gilbert

December 6, 2016

After appearing on This Life With Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest, Jason Ellis was open to take a shot at the world of clairvoyance  and psychic mediumship.

Sirius Radio host Jason Ellis connects to his long lost brother Stevie who passed early in life, and the tears flow. Psychic Rebel Colby and medium Calise Simone bring Stevie through immediately without knowledge of whom they are reading. Thinking he is getting punked, Jason nearly punches Dr. Drew. Wolfknife co-host Jason Purdy convinces him it’s real in order to keep him from killing everyone in the room. Colby gives Katie psychic advice about a new baby. No information about the guest is given to any of the mediums in advance of these encounters. To see a video of Jason and Katie with Psychic Rebel and Calise Simone in his most touching moment, go to his You Tube channel. JasonYouTubewithPsychicRebel.

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105: Jack Osbourne

November 18, 2016

Jack Osbourne allows amazing mediums Calise Simone and Cindy Kaza to connect to his afterlife, and talks about his experiences producer of a ghost hunting show, “The Haunted Highway.” We discuss the difference between “The Osbournes” and our recent yaughting experience on “Below Deck.” Rebecca Fearing visits with our number one fan, Jason Purdy who downloaded the NEW APP! $1.99 a month and you get all the best shows!

Jack is recently producing and starring in “Ozzy and Jack World Detour” and on THE HISTORY CHANNEL. Check out Jack Osbourne Official on Facebook, or on twitter @jackosbourne to see Ozzy and Sharon’s grandbabies!

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Captain Lee Rosbach Gets Called Out on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Next.” Maybe he just didn’t want to go there. 

The internet aftershow tells all. More info on the next episode of Calling Out with Susan Pinsky! Rebecca Fearing feels redeemed. Heres’ the link to the actual reading on Bravo, and the after show tape. Also added as the full interview on the after show below. 


IMG_7507 May Doris Rosbach Rest in Peace

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Hardware to Habitat Heaven

June 9, 2016

Susan loses her iconic father Dennis Sailer at 92 who worked by himself seven days a week for nine hours a day, until his death on April 8, 2016.

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Denny bequeathed the Sailer family with Adams Do it Best Hardware, a 65 year old Tustin California retail store full to the brim with goodies for the do-it-your-selfer. One of everything related to hardware rested in it’s perfect place in Adams on the first day Susan and son Douglas entered the store to open it’s doors a few days after he passed. The entire Tustin community came to show their respects with oodles of tears and stories about Denny and his need to be of service to others, while Susan kept it open for business and reliving her childhood making keys for customers and ringing up customers.

With the help of promotion on Loveline, Mid Day Live on KABC, and the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast, Dr. Drew, Mike Catherwood and Adam Carolla all sent listeners in to buy items on sale for the final month to buffer the costs and pay sales taxes. The listener flooded the store and made it alive. Finally, after a psychic poll of Calling Out friends, Susan came to the decision to donate the thousands of items to Habitat for Humanity Restores in Orange County and a portion of items to Hillsides in Pasadena. And thanks to the many friends and family members who pitched in to do inventory and pack up the store, all of Denny’s dusty items are prominently featured in the Santa Ana location, as well as the Anaheim Habitat Restore.

On this episode. Psychic Rebel Colby is the Psychic du-jour, and special co-host from THiS LIFE PODCASTBob Forrest, and guest Mike Carano taking calls from the Playroom Podz Studio! Mike hears from his sister who recently passed in a tragic accident recently. Dr. Drew makes a cameo because he wants a question answered about his career.

Extro music “Breathe” courtesy of Mike Carano

Special blessings go out to Noe at Habitat for Humanity. Without his strength and vision, Adams Hardware would have had died without dignity. We truly appreciate the love and condolences from all who made it in to say goodbye to Denny Sailer, and Adams.



Obituary OC Register






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Thanks go out to my friends and family for coming to help with this endeavor..

Michelle, Joni, Christina, Cindy, Emily, Lori, Caleb, Steven, Drew, Douglas, Lance, Ken, Lindsay, Kayla, Jack, Jordan, and the Foothill boys. And also thanks to Shelby, Fransisco, Moses, Chris, and Sharon and Nathan and the Habitat volunteers for for pitching in and getting down and dirty! We cleared out so much inventory and it was quite a chore counting every item!

Divine Football Orb Intervention with Dr Drew

December 31, 2015

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Photos Courtesy of Susan Pinsky

Intuitive Jerry Hoskey and medium AJ Barrera investigate the incredible story of a young varsity football player #41 named Jackson Allen who defied the odds of a fatal head injury that occurred Halloween of 2009. Tune in to this one on one conversation between Jackson and Dr. Drew 7 years later, and how Dr. Drew somehow miraculously saved his life and now looking at through photographic moments just beforehand may have shown warning signs from higher power, perhaps proving he was not alone during this tragic event.

greenorb (1 of 1) orbscrop1 (1 of 1)-2

orbscrop1 (1 of 1)

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Close Ups requested by a twitter follower @Clownoff : She posted @Firstladyoflove Can u isolate the picture of the orb with the face in it and post it? @AJBArrera nice coming up with the name David and the NDE.  Thanks to Joe Doe for your suggestion.


Another photo my daughter took of Jackson a year after his injury.




Orb on top right corner

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Suicide Bridge

October 20, 2015

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Psychic Medium AJ Barrera takes a night visit with Dr. Drew to a haunted bridge in Pasadena, California.


Paranormal investigator, F.J. Lennon, author of ‘Devil’s Gate’ and ‘Soul Trapper,’ then joins  via Skype, medium A.J. Barrera, his intuitive wife Jennifer, and psychic-scientist Ellen Marron to describe the many tragic and erie events that have occurred on the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California over the last century. This one hundred year-old landmark, also known as, “Suicide Bridge,” plays host to  countless lost souls who took their own lives here.  A late night field trip to the bridge brings to light the miracles that can happen even in one’s darkest moment. They also have some  scientific explanations regarding the draw to this architectural gem of a place.


Ellen Marron, Jennifer Musil-Barrera, Susan Pinsky on STITCHER

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Absouluteleigh Fabulous Guests

September 28, 2015

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Intuitive Psychologist, Leigh Koechner from is here today with the smoking hot Aussie rocker Yolanda Thomas who both get a first shot at the Firstladyoflove Playroom Podcast! The talented  Psychic Medium Calise Simone connects Leigh to her beloved Mrs. Wiley and Yolanda has a big fan in the celebrity spirit world!

Profile Pic

Michael Joseph Jackson       August 29, 1958 – June 25, 200

The Prince is here! He also wanted to speak to a William, and we are curious who that may be. Perhaps, Will I Am?

After the podcast, Leigh was a little discouraged her message was less exciting than Yolanda’s. However, she is trying to be nicer to her husband Dave Koechner while raising 5 kids! We all need to be a little nicer to our soul mates here on earth! It’s not always easy! Spirit calls us out and makes us more aware. Leigh is a great sport and will be back!

Yolanda Thomas

Yolanda has won two LA music Awards, and according to MJ,  has a bright future ahead. Click on her photo to get all the updates and be a part of her rise to the top.

Listen to her song, “Lock up Your Sons” at the end of the podcast.

A brief declaimer regarding sound on this episode. We have set up a new studio called Playroom Pods, and are working out the details. I am now the podcast provider, sound engineer, editor and producer on top of everything else. And somehow I still am able to be kind, sort of, to Dr. Drew. Hope to have better audio in the future. Thanks for your continuos listenership, and we hope to have many more episodes in the future. Tell a friend.

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Calling Out Wins an Award! Be a part of the Event!

September 9, 2015

25th LAMA | Since 1991

If you didn’t hear, I just want to let you know that I am  receiving an award for “Talk Radio Show Host of the Year” at the 25th Annual LA Music Awards event on Thursday, September 17th, at the historic Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood!

I am so very honored to be a recipient at this 25th annual milestone event. You may all know that my favorite shows were always when we got to meet music legends in spirit on this program.

Could not happen without our talented cast of clairvoyants’ third eye.

The LA Music Awards producers loved Calling Out with Susan Pinsky podcasts because of the rock star guests we brought on from the other side. We had John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, John Phillips, Mama Cass, Mike Starr, Stevie Rayvon, John Bellushi, Whitney Houston, and Sinatra plus so many great celebs!

I hope you will all come out and cheer for me when I take the red carpet and when I hit the stage to get my plaque presented. It seems crazy to me, but what we do is kind of crazy too!

Thanks for listening, and for taking the time to read this! Calling Out will be back soon!

To find out more about this event, go to