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  • Hardware to Habitat Heaven

    Hardware to Habitat Heaven

    Susan loses her iconic father Dennis Sailer at 92 who worked by himself seven days a week for nine hours a day, until his death on April 8, 2016. Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Denny bequeathed the Sailer family with Adams Do it Best Hardware, a 65…

  • Rehab Heaven: Bob Forrest & Andy Dick

    Rehab Heaven: Bob Forrest & Andy Dick

    Get the Calling Out App today! For $1.99 a month you keep us going! What happens when you clairvoyantly peer into the past of a famous Hollywood musician from the late 70’s and early 80s? We spoke with a guy who has had many friends in the music and movie business from the sex, drug and…