108: Calling Out Jason Ellis and Katie Gilbert

After appearing on This Life With Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest, Jason Ellis was open to take a shot at the world of clairvoyance  and psychic mediumship.

Sirius Radio host Jason Ellis connects to his long lost brother Stevie who passed early in life, and the tears flow. Psychic Rebel Colby and medium Calise Simone bring Stevie through immediately without knowledge of whom they are reading. Thinking he is getting punked, Jason nearly punches Dr. Drew. Wolfknife co-host Jason Purdy convinces him it’s real in order to keep him from killing everyone in the room. Colby gives Katie psychic advice about a new baby. No information about the guest is given to any of the mediums in advance of these encounters. To see a video of Jason and Katie with Psychic Rebel and Calise Simone in his most touching moment, go to his You Tube channel. JasonYouTubewithPsychicRebel.

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