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  • 2017: What’s Next?

    2017: What’s Next?

    The funny and charming return co-host Caleb Bacon joins the queen of predictions, Jennifer Shaffer, our very own Psychic Rebel Colby, and via Skype, none other than medium Cindy Kaza for a somber Spring prediction podcast.  We discuss the fate of millennials, President Trump, world events, the fear of terrorism, particularly chemical warfare, and sports. Dr. Drew…

  • 2017 Psychic Prediction Posse

    2017 Psychic Prediction Posse

    Mediums Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole, Cindy Kaza call out with Susan Pinsky and Dr. Drew to psychically predict the future. A Playroom Podz Production. Sponsored by Drdrew.com Download the APP today!  Download the Calling Out With Susan Pinsky APP to get the entire catalog of shows. And get the newest show first!  It is only…