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  • Debra Tate and Dr Bruce Heischober

    Debra Tate and Dr Bruce Heischober

    Debra Tate talks about her feelings about psycho killer Charles Manson and his recent hospitalization with Medium Rebecca Fearing, Susan Pinsky and and Co- host Dr Bruce Heischober.┬áCalise Simone reads Debra Tate and hears a Beatles tune. Caller Tracy reaches out for some help with her grief after the loss of her daughter. . Sponsored…

  • Charades with Debra Tate

    Charades with Debra Tate

    Listen to Calling Out HERE, or CLICK HERE to get the Calling Out App for iPhone! Debra Tate is the sister of Sharon Tate, and has devoted much of her life to advocacy for victims’ rights causes and counseling victims of violent crimes. As her mother, Doris, and sister Patti did during their lifetimes, Debra…