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Rapping Up Serial with Zach Sherwin and Eden Dranger

February 18, 2015

Calling Out Guest and ITunes Sensation, Comedian Zach Sherwin

raps about the Serial Podcast Addiction.

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Medium Calise Simone calls in to call out for Comedian Eden Dranger, host for DECENTLY FUNNY PODCAST and is psychically blocked during her reading, shifting to Teny Geragos, Law student and famous daughter of Mark Geragos.



Geragos gives her Legal view regarding the new appeal for the Adnan Syed / Hae Min Lee Murder case, and listens to my interview with Medium Joshua John Delorenzo about his psychic view of the much disputed Serial Podcast, since the Federal Appeal is in play now regarding this high profile case.


Teny Geragos



Check out our cast of Clairvoyants fro the latest updates and the best psychics in the world. New to the group is Joshua James Delorenzo.




All courtesy of and Dr. Drew Pinsky whom is the major support of this podcast. Visit DrDREW.COM for all the links to his latest shows.

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Calling Out On ITUNES!

Calling Out: Serial Podcast w/ Lynette Carolla & Attorney Mark Geragos

January 8, 2015

Calling Out With Susan Pinsky on Itunes 


Clairvoyants Christina Colby, Jennifer M Shaffer, and Calise Simone take an intuitive look into the popular Serial  podcast from the creators of This American Life, and is hosted by Sarah Koenig.

Lynette Carolla is co-host today and is also know as co-host with Stephanie Wilder-Taylor of For Cryin’ Out Loud, She also Hosts popular show, The 10th Avenue Podcast. She is also famous for her marriage to Adam Carolla from Carolla Digital. 

Mark Geragos brings his defense attorney view in this now very high profile case since it has been glamorized by the media. It’s clear his trial was a mishap. No one knows if the guy is innocent or guilty. I don’t trust 18 year olds. So, I can’t tell you my opinion. Bad juror.

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Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Hae Min Lee. May she rest in peace.

Music courtesy of Rayvon Owen – our Calling Out Music Director

“Heartache” by dnk – is available on Itunes.


All of the views of these women are strictly for entertainment purposes.