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Susan Pinsky

susan-pinskySusan Pinsky is the host of Calling Out,  iTunes’ most popular podcast focusing on psychic mediums and spirit phenomenon. With a new Celeb or paranormal topic and special co-host weekly, Susan has had all the greatest psychics and clairvoyants grace her studio to include Calise Simone, Rebecca Fearing, Christina Colby, Mellisa Cubillas, Lisa Williams, Jennifer Shaffer, Sharon Klingler, AJ Barrera, Jerry Hoskey, The Psychic Twins, JJ Seabrook, Cindy Kaza, James Van Prague, Sally Morgan and more!

Known to her thousands of Twitter followers as the @Firstladyoflove, Susan has social media savvy and her online popularity continues to flourish. Her followers love how outspoken, candid and humorous she is.

No stranger to the red carpet, Susan has accompanied her famous husband Dr. Drew, to the most glamorous Hollywood events including repeated trips to the MTV Movie Awards, The Grammys, The Daytime Emmys and other red carpet events. She also appeared on hit television show Legit with her husband, and has had many great celebrities join in on this podcast (whether they want to believe or not).

For over two decades she has been married to Dr. Drew Pinsky, radio host of Loveline and host of both Dr. Drew On Call on HLN and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Susan is the mother of triplets who just graduated from universities all across the country. The Playroom they grew up in now houses a podcast/video studio called Playroom Productions.

As a community servant, Susan has volunteered on the board of Hillsides.org for over 10 years and has served as its Foster Soles chair and is this year’s Annual Benefit chair. She raised over $450 thousand dollars at the “Celebration of Art” Gala on Feb 22, 2014.  The theme, “A Celebration of Art,” depicted how Hillsides brings healing through the art of fostering lives — not just literally but by shaping their lives with hope, trust, and security. In 2015 the same committee she developed raised $560 thousand in the event “Uncorked” co-chaired by  Deborah and Robert Simon of Restaurant AKA in Pasadena.

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  1. Hi Susan! Sorry about the confusion on twitter. I’m a longtime fan of Drew. For forever I’ve meant to check out your podcast. Today I binge listened for hours. I started from the beginning so that’s why I had the website wrong. Sorry again! In 2011, I was in ICU and almost died. I had some very spiritual moments then and after. I would love some answers. For whatever reason, I’ve been terrified to go to a medium. I don’t know what I think I’ll hear. Listening to your show gave me chills and tears. It’s made me really want answers. I’m going in order so it will take me a bit to get caught up. Do you take very many phone calls? Thank you for your time. Lots of love from Texas, Christi

  2. Maybe we can have you call into the show. Let me know if you can call! Reply with your email address and I will respond. I won’t post it publicly.

    Thanks for your support!


  3. Thank you Susan and Gina! I love to listen to your talent and made a donation today. I enjoyed your last call in show. I have a story involving my daughter. When we have a family member pass, she sees things. I have felt my departed family around me my entire life. I hope she has the same experience. I would love to share her story if you are interested. I would love to hear your guests speak on the topic of children that experience events. We can learn so much from our kids if we just listen. Thanks, Lori

  4. I was contacted to call in April 17. I am available April 10 also. Whatever date works for you. I’m looking forward to it! Lori

  5. Hi Susan! I religiously listen to calling out along with the Dr. Drew podcast! I absolutely love them! I lost my father when I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after his death. It was believed to have been brought on from the stress of losing him. I was also diagnosed with separation anxiety and depression. I have been struggling with all of this for the past 15 years… I will listen to these over and over and cry (out of happiness) for the callers. Even though I have gone through therapy I still suffer everyday with losing my best friend/father… I would love the opportunity to be able to connect with him and possibly find some closer from his unexpected death that I still struggle dealing with till this day… If the opportunity ever arises and I may call the show I would be so happy too!

    Thank you, Anna

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for your show. You are doing such important work to help people understand what spiritual-psychic-mediumship is all about. I appreciate the work that you and Dr. Drew are doing. I listen to both of your podcasts EVERY WEEK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am also spreading the word of your podcast (and Dr. Drew’s as well) and have tons of people listening and talking about them each week <3

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