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Calling Out: Shanna Moakler & Dr. Wendy Walsh with Psychic Rebel Colby!




We are back on Calling Out today with Shanna and Dr. Wendy and new special Clairvoyant, Colby the Psychic Rebel.

Shanna Moekler a new participant on this new season of  CELEBRITY EX WIVES OF VH1 premiering May 7, 2014Dr. Wendy Walsh is a regular guest on DR. DREW ON CALL and has written a great book about finding love in the “30-Day Love Detox.

Psychic Rebel Colby, our new and amazing Clairvoyant to the podcast was able to bring Shanna’s best friend from kindergarten who passed from a drug overdose. We also made contact to her ex-husband’s best friend whom was in a tragic plane crash.

Dr. Wendy makes a connection and was “Calling Out” her mother secret about her first born baby son from another man previous to marriage to Wendy’s father years later.  It’s a touching example of how un-married women were able to survive in the 40s after an unexpected pregnancy. Wendy’s mother has a message for her.


A Psychic Sample Study about Malaysian Air Flight 370

Still no plane has been found today on April 13, 2014. On April 6, 2014 this came out about all of the conspiracy theories out there today. And we are convinced we are onto something.

Lisa WIlliams was back on my show this week and mentioned the mud huts in her description of how the entire event took place. She said we need to know who was in seat 1F. And also who was over the wing which are the safest seats on the plane. Her full account will be in the next episode releasing on Wednesday, April 16, for everyone to hear. She was Psychic # 2 below, and feels very strongly about her premonitions today.

I wrote this on March 26, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370.

What happens when a 777 Airliner drops from the sky and disappears? Do you call your psychic friends? Well I did, and here is what happened. I have listed my results here.

March 15, 2014: Psychic 1: Here are my feelings on the missing Malaysia Airplane. I feel this plane was hijacked. I feel this is an elaborate and very detailed plan. I feel that although one of the pilots could possibly be involved-it definitely feels like there is someone who was in the cabin area, meaning a passenger that is the main operator. I see him entering the cockpit. Feels like one of the pilots (the captain) isn’t involved at all.

I feel this plane was landed on an island or a remote area that is very underdeveloped. I keep getting Osama Bin Laden so I feel like that’s a symbol for the hiding and how well the hiding has been carried on. I feel the main intention was to show the absolute power of an extremist group that they could literally have this much control. I definitely felt that the passengers originally survived the plane landing, hijacking, it feels to have been very traumatic, the people on the plane knew and there feels to be an immense amount of stress. I feel time is running out. I feel it’s also possible that not all passengers are still surviving. Feels like there’s something about captivity. Foreign languages are being spoken. The plan is not yet complete. I feel the passengers are in grave danger-second part of plan.

Then: Mar 15, 2014: Psychic 2: You know I have a theory. I believe that the plane and the passengers are still intact and alive but there is going to be a hostage situation, bigger than anyone has ever witnessed. And I feel that the pilots were involved I’m not sure to what extent but I believe one of them were at least. I also kept getting a hit with Russia for some reason. I’ve tried not to look at it but this is the first time I’m voicing it. I have a feeling that there is government cover-up as they know more but not releasing it but it’s going to be exposed soon.
Very interesting. I think this is going to rock the world. And I see the media being a witness to something that has never been seen before. I kept seeing that they will be pawns in the whole situation and it’s going to take over the TV and media

March 15, 2014: Psychic 3: Via Text: She happened to be in Kuala Lumpur on the way to Singapore a few hours after the crash as well. She said she thought it went down earlier than they thought and all of the passengers perished instantly. She didn’t pick up on the two stolen Iranian passport passengers mentioned in the news.
She also didn’t think Malaysian Airlines was telling the story correctly and that they are searching too far west for the plane.  Furthermore, she thought the Airline is not being truthful about what they know. Her instincts were that “it went down sooner than they were letting on.”

Then she said she felt there was a fire on the plane and that the engine fuel caused the plane to smoke. She said she know they were talking terrorism, but she didn’t see it as the cause. “I just don’t see that” she said. She said she thought the plane went down with air pressure change so quickly that the plane could not stay on course. But, that they are searching too far from land.

March 15, 2014: Psychic 4:  She gave me a similar story as a previous one, where they crashed on an Island, or close to it. And there were survivors. But that was at the beginning and now no more survivors.  A few days later I asked again. She thought it was being moved. And then she still saw it close to land. And now TIGERS! And she came up with Sumatra, or an S name. And she saw no survivors a week later.

She also said, persons whom may have been responsible did it to take out their own. Not to become heroes.

March 17, 2014: Psychic 2:  OMFG I just did the reading for a family member from the flight! I saw it all. He’s dead but others are alive. I saw it all. The government are involved and the US government know where it is but everything is being kept quiet. I kept seeing a tiny island with a rainforest near a place beginning with S something like Somalia.

It was such a shame about this woman’s husband but the incredible detail was undeniable about that it’s her husband. Even down to the nightly bedtime routine and the name he called his grandson. I got her age her wedding anniversary the son’s birthday. You wouldn’t question the info. So freakin sad. This is one time I want to be wrong.
Anyway I thought I’d let you know

March 17, 2014: Psychic 5: “ I have believed it was nefarious from the beginning, think it was a hijacking.”

March 24, 2014: Psychic 6: There was something very unusual about the plane crash. Not a typical May Day signal. I see the Captain making the sharp turn and getting up from his seat to go into a dark cabin. Not able to find flight attendants. He was the taller of the two. Something is unusual about this though. I don’t see people acting like the plane is going to crash or anything. Just a very confused captain.

March 25, 2014: Psychic 7: I woke up this morning and felt like the plane was shot down and exploded.

I don’t know what to think other than something bigger might be going on. I have such a vivid imagination and I don’t know if I should even say anything at all. Lot’s of similarities.

Dr. Wendy helps us sort through the chaos.

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