Calling Out: Aliens with Hoyt Richards and Alien Abductee Travis Walton


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Calling Out takes a clear look at cults and aliens, with former cult member  Hoyt Richards, and alien abductee Travis Walton. My son, Doug Pinsky calls in after recently getting roped into a cult while having breakfast in a Nashville coffee shop. He is the same age as Hoyt  was when this photo was taken. Hoyt was inducted into a 8 year cult lifestyle back when he just graduated from Princeton. Also visit us on ITunes to hear a previous episode when Hoyt Richards explains his story about his  life.

Rebecca Fearing and Jennifer Shaffer are in studio and make some clear connections.

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Travis Walton will be presenting his experience at the Skyfire Summit

When: November 7-9, 2014
Where: All Seasons Lodge
2684 Lodge Loop
Overgaard, AZ 85933
Who: Travis Walton
Skyfire Summit

Special Pre-conference event on November 5th!

For more information, visit the Skyfire Summit web page.

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  1. You should go see Boyd Bushman and his death bed confessions about aliens on you tube. He was a scientist that dealt first hand with aliens for most of his career. He has them pictured, documented and says there were/are 18 of them that worked at Utah when they changed the area 51 and in New Mexico. Boyd Bushman just died on Aug 7, 2014. He says the grays are not dangerous, and that they can travel from their planet in another galaxy or solar system 68 light years away in 45 minutes. He and his colleagues say that all the things we can think of , like anti gravity already exist , and are closed off to the public and it would ‘take an act of G-d ‘ to open the info.
    Go see for yourselves.

  2. You and Drew seem behind the times and kind of tongue in cheek suspect that this is all a mental thing while someone is ‘unconsciuous’ or ‘asleep’. You really should go see the Boyd Bushman scientist from Lockheed and top secret career , documented at you tube. The grays are not going to hurt anyone, there are two types, one is kinder than the other, according to Bushman. They can get here in 45 min, if they wanted to harm us , they would have, they’ve been here for many years.