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Bald Bryan with The Austin Blood

February 4, 2015

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Bryan Bishop, frequently referred to on broadcasts as Bald Bryan, is an American radio personality and New York Times best selling author of SHRINKAGE, and is best known for his career on The Adam Carolla Show podcast and its previous radio version on Loveline as a call screener. He gets a great reading from Psychic Rebel Colby and A.J Barrera!




Today’s co-host is Austin Blood!

Previous guest on the Word Power episode, Austin Blood is an author, public speaker and mentor to thousands of women around the world. He’s also the creator of “The Man Plan”….a online course dedicated to helping SINGLE women find the love they so richly deserve.

This week he launches his latest project…“Bootcamp for the Soul”. Bootcamp for the Soul helps women discover and bring out the best in themselves so they can live life with no regrets.

You can find Austin all over the web or check him out on his website at or his Facebook fan page at He’s also a writer for Huffington Post and a good friend of mine.




Psychic Rebel Colby and AJ Barerra take Facebook callers, Joanne, Blair and navel orange caller, Lauren.



Rayvon Owen’s, “Rescue” is available on Itunes! And check him out on the season of American Idol!

Special thanks to Rayvon’s partner in Music, and amazing pianist, Ross Bridgeman for his collaboration in the music jingle for Calling Out!

Calling Out: Catch a Carolla

January 28, 2015

Here on Itunes! 

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Man School Host, Caleb Bacon, joins Psychic Rebel Christina Colby and Medium Rebecca Fearing. Rebecca takes a call from Stand-Up Comedian Paul Mecurio from the The Paul Mecurio Show, and zeros in on his future and money situation. He always listens and believes it all. We love him!

Paul Mecurio Headshot #1 Main

No Coincidences in life, and Psychic Rebel Colby is not given any info about Adam Carolla from Spike TV’s CATCH A CONTRACTOR. Colby had info written down before Adam even makes a call into the podcast. He is skeptical, but it’s true. Colby taps into THE MAN SHOW because she actually appeared as a juggy on the show years ago with Adam and Jimmy as a model. She can’t remember who hosted the show, and uses it as a reference! This was not staged. Promise.. Rebecca chimes in as well and sees some interesting things about Adam. She was aware of him as he guest, so we let Colby take the lead.

Adam Carolla


Previous guest and anguished mom, Toni Ingram called in to call out to her beautiful daughter Morgan whom was stalked and most likely murdered. Case potentially opening up again and we need your support. Please click through to this page if you know anything. The whole story was told on a previous Calling Out: Crimes with Lynette Carolla.


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Calling Out Theme Music courtesy of Rayvon Owen – our Music Director who just  auditioned on this season of American Idol! So be sure to  tune in and vote for him if he goes to Hollywood! We love Baby Ray! Click below to see his audition! He is phenomenal!




Be sure to tell Colby how much you enjoy her work and to keep it coming every week! She is great a what she does and is a Calling Out gem! And catch more Rebecca on Dancing with Ghosts on LA Talk Radio!