Calling Out: Theo Von! w/ Co-Host Heather McDonald

Host of “DEAL WITH IT” on TBS Theo Von

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Beautiful and uber talented Comedian/ Actress / Author Heather McDonald  from Showtime’s “I Don’t Mean to Brag” graciously co-hosts today with a guest appearance from another amazing comedian and host, Theo Von from “Deal with it” on TBS w/ Howie Mandel every Friday at 9/8c!

We were so fortunate have several dead spirits in studio on this Halloween Week episode. Caller from Facebook, Sandy, has an immediate visit from her young cousin Bryan whom was killed during combat in Iraq. She also receives a clear message from her father and will be hopefully reuniting with Bryan’s mother during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Prayers go out to their family and we hope they will be able to mend after this tragedy. And Calling Out wants to say that America, among other countries, thanks Bryan for his courage to fight for our freedom, and for giving his life for this world’s peace.


Also, we take a little look at an 19th Century Russian Religious Icon. Los Angeles Jeweler, Sylva Yepremian from Sylva Et Cie loans this beautiful work of art for us to examine. We found it to have two owners. This was a comforting item to own back then, and carries the weight of it’s history into this century.

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Heather Mc Donald and Theo Von can be found on the road coming to your town, so check their websites for upcoming comedy tour schedules and check out Heather’s two books, “My Inappropriate Life: Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Small Children, or Mature Adults” , (be sure to click through on my amazon link) and, You’ll Never Blueball in this Town Again: One Woman’s Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up.”

Rebecca Fearing is performing at the El Portal Theater in her PSYCHIC HOLIDAY GALA on November 29, after Thanksgiving, and tickets can be found at EL PORTAL (Click here).

Jack is the Author of “The Rational Psychic” and is available at

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Heather McDonald shares her life experiences with Jack Rourke and Rebecca Fearing.

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  1. Hey, Susan… it is the Facebook caller Sandy here. Thank you for the reading and the side notes thanking Brian for his service. I’m sure his parents would appreciate it, as I do. Requested Update: it has been a few weeks since this was originally recorded. I don’t foresee myself reuniting with my aunt anytime soon for personal reasons. But also because she has deleted all of her social media accounts recently. I just simply have no comfortable way of getting in touch with her right now. She lives in NJ and I am in GA. But I will text her this podcast link. I have contacted her a few times in the past (via social media) to give her updates on my son, but she has never really replied in any manner. I’m not going to push it. We are both too angry and confused as to how things ended. Too many outsiders caused problems also. The trust on both ends was shattered. However, Brian was able to “validate” a lot of things for me that I was questioning. Also, the last reading I had before your show was with Lisa Williams. Brian came through loud and clear in that one with messages for his estranged father (a very similar situation/reading we had with my dad on this show.) I have had a lot of day and dream visits from him throughout the years. It is a great source of comfort to know for sure he didn’t suffer in anyway. That ate at me for years. Thoughts of him or his brother (Kevin) suffering in the past was always the hardest blow to my soul. I just always loved and adored those kids, and still do. Watching his brother in that much pain at the funeral also tore me up and still does. However, I realized I still had two more siblings, not all is lost family-wise. The rift Brian had with his father (who I was close to) was pretty much identical to the rift my siblings had with my father. Regardless of my father’s flaws, I had many good years with him and he was good to me. His down fall in life robbed him of his two oldest kids. I have been at peace with my father for a while. In fact, we made peace with each other a few hours before he passed. However, my siblings never had that chance. My brother especially needs to hear my father taking responsibility for his actions. And I need to reach out to them more. (My relationship with my father was always a problem with me being able to fully connect with my siblings.) I see now that my dad was not just speaking to me, but all three of his kids. I was also reminded that Brian was always the family’s glue. In life, everyone had to be treated properly; given second chances. He didn’t hold a grudge. And it seems that Brian is teaching all of us this simple lesson in death, again. So, I’m happy to report nothing has really changed. It’s all in God’s hands from here.