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Podcast OneFind this episode on PodbayFM.Com with all the current episodes. Helene brings spirits of Frank Sinatra, A Kennedy and MORE!

Uploading my favorite podcast tonight with many famous Celebrities from the 50s and 60s. Also must clarify that one guest was not being truthful about her past…


James Van Praagh and Kellee White return, along with Celeb Ghost hunter Rebecca Fearing. Dr. Drew’s very own Mother Helene calls in.  James, Kelly and Rebecca help open the door to her past, even if she won’t admit the truth of it all. Her bio is below so we know she was up to something.  Helene Stanton is the real Helene Pinsky. She tried to bluff us! Made the team look bad, but now we get it. She dated Betty Hutton’s ex! Maybe that’s why she was lurking around Rebecca! Retribution?  We won’t tell her we know though.

The gang also takes a call from HLN Dr. Drew on Call producer Burt Dubrow who has fun because Marylin Monroe apparently loves him.  And stay tuned for special appearances from JFK and Frank Sinatra on The 50th Anniversary of JFK’s death, recorded Nov 22, 2013!

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Show Notes:

Today’s episode was recorded on November 22nd, 2013… a.k.a. the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s death. And listen closely to the words Helene says when discussing her romantic past. Is she telling the full truth?? Click the links below for more information on Helene, and all of today’s guests.

Helene Stanton Bio:

Sam Giancana Bio:

James Van Praagh:

Rebecca Fearing: