Calling Out: Moms vs ISIS and Ebola w/ Bianca Kiajhlic and Mike Catherwood

October 23, 2014


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Who doesn’t love, “The Catherwoods?” Everyone knows they have so much love and respect for each other and will be huge relationship role models for the next 10 generations to come.

Michael Catherwood, AKA, “Psycho Mike” from KROQ F.M.’s Loveline, and talented actress and new mom, Bianca Kiajhlic from UNDATABLE were our guests today! Bianca will be joining the Sideshow Network with a podcast soon!

All I encountered in this dimension, were their excited eyes gleaming upon each other across the table as they brought the most positive energy into the Sideshow Studio ever on this show!

Among other things, Rebecca Fearing speaks of Mike’s connection with Italy and the open spaces of grape orchards, and we discuss Bianca’s beautiful daughter Magnolia Moon. And perhaps, we may see a brother and sisters to come?

Psychic Astrologist, Kim Allen called in today as well, to deliver a message from New York City, and is very specific about Bianca, Mike and Magnolia Moon, as she recites her chart findings. Mike’s buddy Joe Manganiello and partner Sofia Vegara are our other Celeb couple are also included in on the Calling Out show today as we hear their Astrological relationship message as per Miss Kim Allen.

Susan has a crazy coincidental brush with Kanye West. Kim allen agrees. Always happens!

Thanks to producer Shawn, Maria and Heather for making this all happen. Love you guys at sideshow, and Roddy too!

Check out Bianca’s new Podcast on the called “Atomic Moms.’ Coming this November! Subscribe and be a part of the new nonjudgmental mom show! I am excited to promote and now you will love it too!

Calling Out: Neuropsychologist Dr. Jena Kravitz w/ co-host Psychic Rebel Colby

October 15, 2014


Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Jena Kravitz from DRDREW ON HLN in studio with Co-host Psychic Rebel Colby.

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photo 3SHE Shoots!photo 2 photo 4 photo 5SHE SCORES!!!!

Watching Colby work is a fun experience as she does a little touchdown dance when she hits the mark in a clairvoyant reading. Her eyes spin around and her pupils dilate. When the caller confirms, her arms start swinging in silent joy! Listen to her reading of two Facebook callers and enjoy her as our co-host today!



 Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Consultant, Calise Simone of New York, calls in to call out for Dr. Jena, as well. Hear Jena’s story unfold.

Calise Simone will be co-conducting several Seances while in Salem, MA this October with Psychic Medium Marion Hedger.  The tickets are selling very quickly, but there’s still some available.

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Calling Out: Phone Sex with Co Host, Emily Morse!

October 7, 2014

Sex with Emily host joins us again as the biggest frequent flyer on

 Calling Out!

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photo 3

Emily is always open for the experience, and also gets creeped out when hears about the recent “phone sex” Susan Pinsky had with a so called “government official” (somewhere in Sri Lanka) who was fraudulently impersonating an IRS agent. His attempt to scam money out of the Pinsky Family was not a believable enough story, so he decided to get kinky on the phone and sexually harass. Emily has answers.

Jack Rourke and Psychic Rebel Colby have spot on reads of our lovely yet highly intellectual co-host, Ms. Emily Moorse, and also a Facebook caller with questions about her relationship.

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Calling Out: Comedian Paul Mecurio w/ Co-host Shanna Moakler!

October 5, 2014
Paul Mecurio Headshot #1 Main


Psychic Rebel Colby flies solo this episode and has a heart to heart with Paul Mecurio from The Paul Mecurio Podcast! His anxieties about life are pretty common, and he gets some tips from the girls on how to deal with Hollywood lifestyle, and his career choices. Shanna Moakler, From Hollywood Exes, gets some great news form Colby too!

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Calling Out: Religion vs Spirituality w/ Karamo Brown

September 24, 2014


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SGG_0021 copy

World renowned Clairvoyant, Ms. Lisa Williams, calls in from Lilydale to discuss her recent visit to Norway.

Lisa just recently made headline news after she became intertwined with Princess Märtha Louise and Royal Family politics after the bishop of Bjørgvin, Jan Otto Myrseth whom finds her abilities to reach out to spirits in the afterlife non compliant with the Church ideals, which creates a storm of controversy for the Royals.

Karamo Brown_Karamo_Host_Father_Model_Actor_Television Host_Producer_OWN_MTV_RealWorld_2

Karamo Brown, Social Worker and host from Oprah’s OWN SHOW, and regular on HLN’s DR DREW ON CALL is co-hosting today, and receives a visit from his beloved grandmother who tells a story that only Karamo knows.

photo 1-9Duelng Clairvoyant’s, Jennifer Shaffer and newbie Mr. Jack Rourke bring spiritual guidance to a worried Facebook caller as she struggles with her life and how to find a way to accept and expose her natural psychic abilities when Christianity is her true belief system. And my Twitter BFF @Artziegler, Rev. Art Ziegler calls in and gets an interesting reading.

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Jack Rourke is the author of the bestselling book, The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception.Dubbed “world renowned” by AOL’s celebrity news, his annual predictions have been distributed globally by the Associated Press and he was the go-to guy for CNN when they sought a spiritual perspective on the passing of superstar Michael Jackson. Jack’s experience working with police earned him recognition as the real-life “Patrick Jane” when Warner Television cast him alongside former FBI in a special documentary promoting the hit TV show, “The Mentalist”. – Jack’s no nonsense style andrational perspective have also led to appearances on FOX, ABC, NBC, the History and Travel Channels, Destination America, Showtime, the BBC, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Overnight America with John Grayson, Playboy radio and more. For more information or to book aprivate session, please visit:
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September 22, 2014

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Calling Out: A Celebration of Man w/ Caleb Bacon & Dr Drew

September 20, 2014

Caleb Bacon from MAN SCHOOL PODCAST opens up for a reading from Psychic Rebel, Colby and Rebecca Fearing this week, on ITunes!

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Colby and The Purple Rose, Rebecca Fearing inspire Mr. Bacon with their Clairvoyance. Bacon’s mom loved the reading!

Find Colby at or on Twitter @PsychicRebel.

You can also find Rebecca Fearing at or @thepurplerose on twitter. If you want to get a reading DM us on Facebook,

Susan Sailer Pinsky


Dr. Drew is the host of Dr. Drew on Call on HLN Monday to Thurs, at 9 p.m. He is a 30 year veteran to radio on KROQ F.M. on Los Angeles, co-hostng LOVELINE and has a podcast on Carolla Digital. ADAM AND DR DREW SHOW as well as the DR DREW Podcast.


Outro music called “Celebration of Man” by Yanni.

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Calling Out: Simone Bienne with Co-host Dr. Drew

August 23, 2014

Double Relationship Experts in the Sideshow Network Studio!

 With Psychic Rebel Colby.

Sex Therapist, Simone Bienne join Susan and Dr. Drew Pinsky and all get a reading.

IMG_4201 (3)-2

Relationship Expert:

Dr. Drew notices eye movement when Psychic Rebel Colby sees her spirits who then describes her experiences as she works.

Susan has a visit from a passed boyfriend. He still isn’t over her. Love never dies.

Please subscribe on Itunes. We are also on, and on the Sideshow Network.

Calling Out Funny with Taylor Williamson from America’s Got Talent!

April 24, 2014


Calling Out Funny with Taylor Williamson from America's Got Talent!

Manhattan Medium, Thomas John is a new face to the CALLING OUT scene. Click through here to ITUNES today. He does not disappoint our new and improved comedian, Mr. Taylor Williams!

Music City Medium, Cindy Kaza, also chimes in and we all are entertained as the spirits fly around the studio all vying for Thomas’ attention. Our ancestors were getting a last chance to be on the show! Alas we are done at Podcast One Studios, however, Gina Grad gets a few ancestors at last! She waited so long! Cindy has some visitors that interrupt as well, but we just cannot figure out who the hell Larry belongs to. Our caller from Facebook gets a double treat with advice from Dr. Drew and has a tragic story to tell. We were all in tears.

I really want to thank Podcast One for allowing us to continue on this journey with 11 more episodes after the previous 14 we produced through Carolla Digital last year. I feel like a freshman in high school and made it through final exams. We all enjoyed the process and became great friends with many new people in the world of clairvoyants and psychic mediums. We will try to stick together and after several very promising psychic readings from the best of the best. “Calling Out” is not dead yet! We are going to be back in a bigger, and better place.

Gotta love Hollywood!

I am so grateful to all my talented guests.


Rebecca Fearing
Lisa Williams
Cindy Kaza
Jennifer Shaffer
James Van Prague
Kellee White
Christina Colby
Regine Verougstraete
Sharon Klingler
AJ Barrera

Celebrities who tolerated us!

Helene (Stanton) Pinsky and the Rat pack, Marylin Monroe, Elvis Presely

Rene Graziano and her mob family

Mackenzie Phillips and the “Mamas and the Papas” and Mike Star

Dr. Drew and Mort

Keven Undergaro and his father

Roxy Striar and her mother

Shanna Moekler and her love

Dr. Wendy Walsh and her mother

Según Oduolowu and his future

Jill Latiano Howerton and her secret friend

Brad Williams and his money making endeavors and his humor

Taylor Williamson and his grandfather

Burt Dubrow and his dedication

Mariel Hemingway and Cuba with Ernest

Bobby Williams and his character

Loni Love and her new house

Lynette Carolla and John Lennon

Heather McDonald and moo moo grandma

Valerie Allen and her French family

Jim Jefferies and his Oscar

Michael Fabrizio and his new album

Rayvon Owen and his grandma’s biscuits

JD Shultz and his momma’s art

Kate Luyben and her family she has to figure out

Austin Blood and his sex books

Emily Moorse and her proud father

Simone Bienne and her shoe horn

Samantha Schacher and her swimming pool

Bianca Kailich plus baby and her fabulous life

Mike Catherwood and his grandfather

Joshua Warren and his portholes

Alison Rosen and her card playing Jews

Gary Smith and his dad

Chris Laximana who loves his mother

Producer Matt Fondiler who makes love to himself in the Carolla studios

Hoyt Richards and his friend Marianne whom was abducted aliens

George Noory and his cock blocker ghost bitch

Dr. Denise McDermott and her love for the show and everyone

Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney for their openness to the process

John Ferriter for getting kicked out of Podcast One

Judy Lewin for coming in and not getting aired

Mike Carrano for being a big fat asshole and not ever getting to be proven wrong. And by the way, hisname is Keith.

And to Producer Rich who loves his new relationship with his father who died before he knew was his real dad

and Producer Art, you are so sensitive

Thanks Heidi and Kyle for all your hard work

I also want to thank my husband Dr. Drew for his appearance on this crazy podcast, and for making this all possible. And, I want to kiss Adam Carolla for actually giving a shit.

Drew, If I ever get a better high paying job out of this, you can stay home and play with Rex Honey Badger all day and do whatever you want. i will be your sugar momma.

Calling Out the MH370 Plane disappearance with a psychic investigation by Medium Lisa Williams.

April 16, 2014

Today we may have news about this missing Jetliner. Here is a recent newsflash from the New York Post.  A teen may have found the skeleton filled fuselage of MH370 in the Phillipines.

This was our show with predictions about this tragedy in 2014.

Psychic Investigative Detective Lisa Williams openly discusses her recent clairvoyant reading with a family member of a victim who passed on the Malaysian Airline flight number 370. We have many details you need not miss. The 777-200 disappeared several weeks ago in a nefarious manner. We are presently without real evidence of where the plane actually is. We have our doubts about the current media attention and want to know what really happened.


 photo 3

Jim Jefferies from LEGIT  makes a second appearance as promised. Jim brought his lovely mate Kate Luyben on the line to get a dual reading from our amazing Music City Medium, Cindy Kaza and Lisa Williams.  Jim and Kate may believe that we are Legit after this try! RAYVON OWENS who is out music director on Calling Out, get a visit form his grandmother.

Music City talent visits our podcast.

Rayvon Owen and Micheal Fabrizio  are Calling Out!

photo 2

Gina Grad, Cindy Kaza, Lisa Williams, Ravon Owen, Susan Pinsky

photo 1

We also took a call from a Calling Out Fan!

photo 1

Donatethrough on AMAZON here on our site, and you can call in to call out too!