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Winchester Mystery House Drunk History

Psychic Rebel Colby, AJ Barrera & special guest Jennifer Musil describe their experience inside Sarah Winchester’s Mystery House.


Pictured Above: The Winchester Rifle, William Winchester, Sarah Pardee, Annie Pardee (their deceased infant child)


Pictured Above: Photos of the 143-acre Winchester House


Pictured Above: The Garden located in front of the Winchester Home


Pictured Above: A labyrinth of stairs; the ballroom windows with quotes from
Shakespeare – “Wide Unclasp the tables of their thoughts; These same thoughts people this little world.”


Pictured Above: A few of the staircases to floors above and below; as well as a staircase to nowhere.


Pictured Above: The Fibonacci Code (found in raises; one of Sarah Winchester favorite flowers). Sacred Geometry & Labyrinth

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