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Medium Jennifer Shaffer and Dr. Denise McDermott

Medium Jennifer Shaffer and Dr. Denise McDermott

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Meet Hoyt Richards! A tall, handsome and extremely well educated man. Hear this horrific tale he tells about himself as a young affluent boy, brainwashed into leaving his family and college life to become a follower of a large and terrifying cult. After 20 years, his savior that finally pulled him free from the North Carolina compound of cult members, was none other than Fabio! He has opened up his mind to reconnect with his perpetrator on Calling Out, with Medium Jennifer Shaffer and Dr. Denise McDermott. We wonder if the cult mentality makes it difficult to reach into his past.

Hoyt now works as a community servant with Steve Hassan from FREEDOM OF MIND. He hopes to aid others whom have been affected by cults. Click through on Amazon to see the book by Steve Hassan.

Hoyt still has a sense of humor after this tragic lifestyle, and on this podcast, he admits he has nothing to regret during this lifetime. He co produced and has written a comedy motion picture for us to enjoy, courtesy of Tortoise Entertainment.