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George Noory joins in on an all new CALLING OUT


Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing from LA TALK RADIO, “Dancing with Ghosts” takes a tour of one of George’s homes in St. Louis. He discovers he has a resident lady friend ghost who may be keeping him from the love of his life! But have no fear George, you will be happy soon!

George teleports via Skype into our studio from his Coast to Coast radio program/ podcast world, and Rebecca does the same into his home with her uncanny ability to use her intuitive Skype like mind skills, showing her his home from thousands of miles away. Rebecca has no knowledge of who he is when she sits down, but is capable of seeing his interesting world from Beverly Hills, California.

George is astounded at the end when he hears his father shout out to his brother Eddy! No one knows about Eddy, so she wins him over with her clairvoyant abilities


We are also joined by producer Kyle’s lovely wife Heather Douglas who reconnects with her reluctant brother. She loved the information and has a new understanding of his experience before he passed away tragically.

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