Actress Bianca Kajlich and Mike Catherwood are Calling Out!

BianaandMikeWe love RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and soon to premiere this winter,  UNDATEABLE on NBC, the beautiful and talented actress, Bianca Kajlich, and soon to be home daddy  hubby,  Mike Catherwood  joined us this week!

Bianca Kajlich and Mike Catherwood have an eye opening ancestry lesson from Medium Cindy Kaza that is spot on! Having a child makes us all want to learn our roots and make a warm and happy home to raise a healthy baby.  Have never heard Mike so quiet! And he got busted for breaking her car door knobs! Bianca has an interesting family history. As per her loved ones of past, enjoys her collection of purses and clothes! Spirits don’t lie.

Mike Catherwood joins Dr. Drew on the Loveline Show  5 nights a week and Mike and Drew Podcast here on PODCAST ONE.  Tune in and listen.

ALSO! Join us in this new episode and hear also the brilliant medium Lisa Williams as she reads our lovely producer Heidi. She may open her to help her find her true love, even if she has to wait a bit…

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